What Hair Loss Products Can I Buy if I'm Not a Belgravia Patient?'

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Name: Neal

Question: I'm not a patient of Belgravia but I'd like to try you guys out. What products can I buy without being a patient?

Answer: Hi, Neal. We do offer certain products to non-clients, however these are designed to promote hair health rather than to treat hair loss.

The best way to try us out if you are worried about thinning hair or a receding hairline is to have a free hair loss consultation. This can take place at either of our Central London hair loss clinics or, if you are based elsewhere in the UK or abroad, you can also do this online.

This will provide you with a professional diagnosis of your hair loss condition as well as your pattern and level of shedding. From there, your dedicated specialist will be able to recommend products and customise a hair loss treatment course to your specific needs. These generally comprise appropriate formulations of clinically-proven medications alongside suitable hair growth boosters.

Belgravia offers its non-prescription hair growth booster products to non-clients too. These include an exclusive range of shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments, and our premium food supplements for healthy hair growth, Hair Vitalics.

These highly-targeted one-a-day tablets were developed by Belgravia's hair experts to comprise optimal doses of key vitamins, minerals, amino acids and botanical extracts known to benefit hair health.

In addition to being a convenient nutritional support for the hair, they also include unique elements in each of the Hair Vitalics for Men and the Hair Vitalics for Women formulations, that have been shown to lower DHT in the bloodstream. DHT being the hormone which latches on to the hair follicles around the top of the scalp in adults with a genetic predisposition to pattern hair loss, and causes thinning hair.

Hair Vitalics can be bought online directly from its dedicated website and e-store: hairvitalics.com If you would like to arrange to purchase any of Belgravia's hair care products, please contact the centre and our team will be happy to assist you.
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