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Question: Hey, am 21 and i’ve had patches in the middle of my scalp for ages. I can handle that, but lately the patches have began to grow and join up. The hair is thinner or non-existent. Furthermore, I’ve noticed lately that my hairline is beginning to recede way too quickly. The hair at the front is not as thick as it used to be. All of this in like 2 months. It’s begging to stress me out. What can I do? How can I get a consultation?

Treatment for an Uneven Receding HairlineAnswer: Hi, Sebastian. From how you describe your hair loss here there are a number of conditions that may be behind your shedding.

In order to properly diagnose you we would recommend making an appointment for a free trichocheck at one of our central London hair loss clinics, or - if you are based outside London or abroad - completing our Online Consultation form which allows you to upload photos.

It is important that we see precisely the pattern and level of your shedding in order to provide you with an accurate diagnosis of your hair loss condition as 'patches' could mean two key conditions which are very different.

Male Pattern Baldness causes the hair to gradually thin in areas on the top of the scalp, leading to - for example - a thinning crown and/or a receding hairline. The hair may also thin along the top causing the receding hairline and thinning crown to join up and creating a larger balding area. This is an hereditary condition and can start any time following puberty; it can also be triggered or made worse by stress.

You mention that the 'patches' of hair loss have started to join up and your hairline is receding very quickly over the space of two months which suggests that, if it is male pattern baldness, there is an underlying factor causing your hair thinning to accelerate. As mentioned before this could be due to stress but there are many other factors which can influence hair loss, including illness, imbalances in your diet, or taking new prescription medications for health issues.

Another consideration is that if the patches you mention in the middle of your scalp are smooth and rounded in shape, and appeared suddenly rather than thinning out gradually over time, the hair loss may be caused by the autoimmune disorder Alopecia Areata. This can also be caused by a shock, stress or trauma. Sudden hair fall and round or oval shaped bald patches which sometimes grow and can also join up are typical of this condition which causes a glitch in the hair growth cycle preventing new hair production. This is usually a temporary condition and the hair will often regrow naturally in time, however it can also recur.

There are effective hair loss treatment options available for both conditions and a specialist will be able to recommend a bespoke plan based on your precise diagnosis and needs.

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