What Can be Done for Hair Loss From Lichen Planus?'

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Name: Jill

Question: I would like to know what can be done for loosing hair and thinning of hair, I have Lichen Planus, also Lichen Scoliosis. Thank you.

Lichen Planus Presents as a Non-Infectious Itchy Rash

Answer: Hi Jill.

Unfortunately, as hair loss from Lichen Planus causes hair follicles to become scarred when it is present on the scalp, we are unable to treat it.

This is because once the follicles are completely dead and have scarred over, hair cannot re-grow. Hair loss treatments would not be effective in this instance as they rely on the hair follicles being at least partially responsive.

If your autoimmune conditions are affecting your scalp and are the most likely cause of your hair loss, the best course of action would be to see a dermatologist. They will be able to discuss other options with you such as steroid creams and topical immunotherapy - similar to that used in treatments for Alopecia Areata - which usually needs to be carried out at a hospital.




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