What are the Reasons for Thinning Hair in Men?'

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Question: I just want to ask what are reasons for hair thinning...??

Answer: Hi, Zain. There are many, many reasons for thinning hair in men although there are slightly fewer than apply to women.

The most common cause for both sexes is, by far, genetic hair loss which is the most widespread hair loss condition in the world. In men this condition - male pattern baldness - often causes distinct areas of shedding, such as a thinning crown, thinning edges (also known as a receding hairline) or general thinning on top.

This is because those affected have an inherited sensitivity to an enzyme in the body called DHT which, once it has no real purpose following puberty, can attached itself to the hair follicles around the top of the scalp. This then leads to a weakening that can be seen outwardly as gradually thinning hair and increased hair loss.

Thinning can also be caused by various lifestyle factors - these can also bring on or speed up the rate of shedding in cases of male hair loss.

These include having dietary deficiencies, smoking, drinking too much alcohol on a regular basis, not drinking enough water or getting enough sleep, and being stressed. Another common cause is having an underlying illness or starting new medication, which can cause the hair to thin and shed as a side effect.

In some cases, such as with these instances of health-related hair loss, the thinning may be temporary due to a condition called Telogen Effluvium. This causes shedding from all over the scalp - rather than just the top of the head, as per Male Pattern Baldness - but it can also spark off genetic hair loss in those with an existing predisposition and this is a permanent condition. It is also possible to have both a temporary and a permanent hair loss condition at the same time.

If you are concerned by noticeable thinning we recommend you consult a hair loss specialist for a professional diagnosis. They will be able to talk you through the most effective hair loss treatment options for your specific needs and discuss any potential underlying issues that could be contributing to your shedding.

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