fbpx What are the effects if I stopped using minoxidil when I become pregnant?
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What are the effects if I stopped using minoxidil when I become pregnant?


minoxidilName: Lorna

Question: These results are great but I’m concerned (as a woman) that using a high potency minoxidil solution may not be right for me. Can you advise how much higher than the women’s solution you use?
What are the effects on women if I stopped usage when I become pregnant? I don’t want to wait until after I have a baby and complete breast-feeding because I worry I won’t have any hair left at all!

Answer: We use minoxidil 4% as a minimum dose for women. Any lesser dose is ineffective in the  majority of cases. This may sound a high dose compared to what is available over the counter, but we monitor our patients closely to ensure that the treatment is working, and that your daily dosage is the optimum amount for your specific case. It is possible to react to the minoxidil, however the symptoms are generally mild and disperse on cessation of treatment.

You can start losing the hair that minoxidil has regrown when you stop using the treatment. However, you do not lose as much hair as you normally do during pregnancy. This explains why your hair is naturally thick until after birth, when your hormones return to  normal and this excess hair sheds. This phenomenon makes the hair loss as a result of stopping minoxidil during pregnancy minimal. We advise patients to use minoxidil but stop once they know that they are pregnant.


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