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What are the Best Hair Loss Treatments for Male Pattern Baldness?

We believe the best hair loss treatments to regrow hair lost through Male Pattern Baldness are those which take a combined approach, using two separate medications – one oral and one topical – with a range of supplemental boosters.

Each course has to be tailored to the individual so we would always recommend you book a free consultation with one of our hair loss specialists first to get a professional diagnosis, and bespoke recommendations for your personal treatment programme. However, in general, these are the treatment components we recommend for Male Pattern Baldness: 

Step 1: Oral Medication to Stop Further Hair Loss

HairLoss Treatment Men and LasercombThe first element of our hair loss treatment programmes is designed to prevent further deterioration. This is done by taking the medically-proven hair loss treatment, Propecia, which is taken in tablet form to help block the hormone DHT, which causes Male Pattern Baldness. Propecia is licensed by the medical regulatory board, MHRA, in the UK and approved by the FDA in the USA.

Step 2: Topical Medication to Encourage Hair Regrowth in Affected Areas

Minoxidil was the first hair loss treatment clinically proven to reverse genetic hair loss conditions. This is applied directly to the affected areas to increase blood flow and promote hair regrowth wherever you are experiencing thinning.

The Belgravia Centre uses Minoxidil treatment preparations, including bespoke formulations prepared by our in-house pharmacists, that combine a range of added ingredients, such as Azelaic Acid, Medroxyprogesterone and caffeine, to encourage hair growth and stabilse hair loss.

Step 3: Boosters

There are three additional steps which help boost the effects of Propecia and Minoxidil. We can include your choice of booster – from either a 12 month supply of Hair Vitalics or a HairMax LaserComb – free of charge when you purchase an annual treatment course, however these can also be purchased separately. Our range of Hair Growth Booster treatments are:-

The LaserComb – this low-power laser device is designed especially for use on the scalp to help promote hair loss stabiliation and regrowth. The FDA-cleared HairMax Laser Comb should be combed slowly through the hair for around 10-20 minutes, three times per week.

Hair Vitalics – this herbal dietary supplement is formulated exclusively for The Belgravia Centre by our in-house pharmacists to complement our hair loss treatment programmes. The capsules are packed with the nutrients you need to ensure healthy hair for regrowth and to aid hair loss stabilisation, when used in combination with the first two medicinal steps of our hair loss treatments.

Clinical Treatment Therapy – in-clinic therapy treatments stimulate the scalp, increase blood flow to the affected areas, are wonderfully relaxing, revitalizing to the hair and scalp, help to settle any scalp complaints and ensure that the hair growing through is of good quality. Visit either of The Belgravia Centre locations for clinical treatments, which can be included with scalp condition or hair loss treatment courses and can take place fortnightly, monthly or quarterly. These 1 hour treatments involve steam, scalp treatment, infra red light therapy, lasers and massage.

Clinical Check Ups – monitoring your progress is an incredibly important part of any hair loss treatment programme. We encourage our patients to take advantage of our free check ups with their dedicated treatment consultant. They will provide support and advice as well as ensuring you are always on the most effective treatment course for your needs at every stage of your treatment course. Additionally, they will take photographs to document and monitor your progress and so you can see for yourself how your regrowth is coming along.  Our extensive image gallery of Hair Loss Success Stories – the largest collection in the world – is made up of these pictures (used with the kind permission of each patient featured).

Book your free hair loss consultation now by calling 020 7730 6666 or sending us a message.

After your condition has been assessed by one of our professional trichologists – either through our Online Diagnostics Form, or by coming in for a free, one-to-one appointment at one of our clinics – we can recommend the most effective hair loss treatment for your particular condition. The Belgravia Centre ships worldwide so customers all over the world can benefit from our exclusive hair loss treatment formulas.

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