What Are My Options for Dealing with Baldness on Top?'

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Question: I am nearly 60 and am completely bald on top of my head. It's like a motorway right on top and has been like this for a few years now but is starting to really bother me. The hair is there on the sides but I keep it really short so my hair loss isn't so noticeable. I don't want surgery or wigs or anything like that. Can you tell me what other options there are? Can I get my hair back on top? Thanks.

Scalp Micropigmentation - Scalp Tattoos to Disguise Hair LossAnswer: Hi, Tyson. If you are truly bald on top, hair loss treatments will not work so these are no longer an option. This is because for treatments such as minoxidil to stand any chance of helping to regrow hair, the hair follicles must be alive. In cases of true baldness - where the skin takes on a smooth, shiny appearance due to the follicles scarring over - the hair follicles die. This also makes you unsuitable for a hair transplant.

There is, however, one option you may want to explore: scalp micropigmentation. This is where tiny dots are tattooed on to the scalp in various shades to mimic hair, hiding hair loss by creating the illusion of short stubble.

If you keep the rest of your hair short this may blend in well with your look but you would need to make sure you see a reputable specialist to ensure this goes well. After all, a tattoo is a serious commitment, especially when it's on your head and you want to make sure you get a natural-looking result. Depending on the size of the area to be covered, the process generally takes place over a number of sessions spread out over a period of around three months.

We do not offer scalp micropigmentation here at Belgravia but, if this is of interest we recommend you contact specialists in medical tattoos (this is not a job for a regular tattoo artist!) and visit a few. Consultations are often free so you can shop around until you find one you are comfortable with and whose work you are confident in.

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