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‘What Are My Options for a Thinning and Receding Hairline?’

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Name: Scott

Question: Hello there, I do not know of a single member of my family on either side who is bald. However I am 23 and my hairline has rapidly started thinning and receding and when I wash my hair I am noticing a lot more hair coming out. What could it be and what are my options? Thanks

Answer: Hi Scott. The pattern of your hair loss as you describe it here suggests that this is androgenetic alopecia, or ‘male pattern baldness’.

It is possible for your parents to carry the ‘balding gene’ yet show no signs of hair loss if this gene is dormant. In some people who inherit it, male pattern baldness can become active, which may account for this disparity between your hair and the rest of your family’s.

There are a number of factors that can contribute to the onset of male hair loss, including stress – emotional or physical, an underlying illness, problems with imbalances in the diet. Habits such as smoking or regularly exceeding the recommended alcohol unit intake (something which is surprisingly easy to do) can also contribute to accelerating the rate of existing hair thinning or bringing about the onset of male pattern baldness in those who have the relevant genetic predisposition.

It is thought that more people are experiencing hairloss, and from an earlier age, than previous generations due to today’s societal pressures and certain habits associated with modern living – for example, people’s diets are sweeter than ever, thanks in part to hidden sugars, and this has been shown to contribute to thinning hair.

In terms of options for regrowing a receding hairline or thinning hair, there are two clinically-proven treatments approved for the treatment of male hair loss. These are finasteride 1mg and minoxidil – a daily oral tablet designed to inhibit DHT and a topical solution which encourages hair growth, respectively.

At Belgravia we find tailoring a bespoke hair loss treatment course around the individual’s needs to be the most efficient approach. When it comes to the hairline, which is one of the most stubborn areas of hair loss to treat, incorporating recommended formulations of high strength minoxidil into these plans has provided – and continues to produce – copious success stories.

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