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Weird And Wonderful Uses For Shed Hair


birds nest hair lossAt The Belgravia Centre, we follow with interest and admiration the many people who donate hair to the wonderful Little Princess Trust, and similar charities, who provide hair pieces and wigs to children who lose their hair, often but not exclusively from cancer treatment. However, we also get asked by patients what they can do with the hair that they shed. If the hair loss isn’t enough or suitable to send to a charity to make into a wig, which it often isn’t, there are other interesting (and at times slightly crazy!) alternatives.

 A Birds Nest

Most women will have looked in the mirror at some point in their lives and thought that their hair resembles a bird’s nest, but how many have actually used their hair to create one? As urbanisation and diligent park keepers clear away the natural assortment of materials that birds use to make their nests, leaving your hair out could provide a much needed hand to city-dwelling birds to use to build nests.

Cleaning Up Oil Spills

Oil spills can cause devastation to marine life, from fish to birds and plants. Human hair is brilliant at soaking up this oil (just think of how well it absorbs hair oils) and some organisations open hair collection banks when oil spills happen. The ecologically minded Matter Of Trust is one such organisation; next time you hear about an oil spill on the news, it’s worth looking around to see if anyone is collecting hair to help manage the impact.

A Gardener’s Friend

If you’re green fingered, you can add hair to your compost pile. Not only does it decompose into a plant-friendly matter (which takes about a year) there is also anecdotal evidence that suggests that garden pests dislike the smell of human hair, so it might help keep your roses pest-free.

Gone Fishing

If you’re partial to a bit of fly fishing, you may be interested to know that many sites on the web push human (and pet hair) as ideal to use for tying flies. You can even buy dog fur on some fishing sites for this purpose, though we think this might be a bit of a rip off!

Tried And Tested

If you want to make money from your hair, you can potentially sell it online on a variety of websites that buy and sell hair, either for wigs or for companies in the health and beauty industries who need to test new products on real hair. You’ll need a substantial amount, and it will generally need to be un-treated, but you can potentially make large sums of money.

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