Wayne Rooney Wants Hair like Andy Carroll

Rooney Hair Celebration

Media coverage of Wayne Rooney’s experience of hair loss has been rife since the beginning of his career, particularly since his well publicised hair transplant procedure in 2011. The Euro 2012 football tournament has brought Rooney back to the centre of the public eye not for scoring for his country, but once again, for his ever changing hairline.

Banter on the pitch

Rooney has been trying out a variety of styles with his new hair growth, and seems to have been taking product tips from his fellow sportsmen. After securing a goal in the recent England vs Ukraine match, the Manchester United player pretended to apply hairspray to his head, in a comedic gesture directed at teammate Andy Carroll.

When asked to explain his actions, Rooney said, “I used a bit of Andy Carroll’s product. Hopefully I will end up with hair like him. He asked me to do it if I scored, and so I did”.

Rooney Andy Carroll
England striker Carroll is known for his long, curly hair, and the friendly joke shows that Rooney isn’t afraid to draw attention to his experience with hair loss. However, for some people with hair loss, the condition is no laughing matter.

What treatment might this be?

What treatment might Rooney be referring to? It could definitely be minoxidil, but judging by the fact that Rooney's hair still seems to be thinning, maybe not!

What treatments should Wayne be using?

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