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Was Wayne Rooney’s Hairline the Victim of an Advertising Stunt?

Rooney's Ironic Advertising Photo The Belgravia CentreAfter much speculation about his future as a Manchester United player, Wayne Rooney (and his hairline) appears to have fallen victim to an advertising stunt for a hair loss treatment. Rooney, who has had a high-profile battle with male pattern baldness, was photographed at Liberty Stadium in Swansea on the substitutes’ bench surrounded by adverts for a well-known Minoxidil-based treatment.

Rooney has famously undergone at least one hair transplant operation in recent years, which does not appear to have yielded the successful hair regrowth hoped for. The cause of his continued hair loss remains unclear.

Hair regrowth is complex

For men who are experiencing hair loss, a hair transplant operation, or course of medication alone are unlikely to yield the long-term regrowth benefits required. Successful natural hair regrowth is a complicated process that involves many factors.

For truly successful hair regrowth, a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to the specific needs of the individual is essential. A proper treatment plan should include medications, diet, lifestyle advice and the potential use of other treatment boosters which address all of the aspects of normal hair growth.

Why not off-the-shelf hair loss treatments?

Rooney’s hair loss appears to be particularly stubborn, suggesting that a standard off-the-shelf product is unlikely to be sufficient for his needs. Minoxidil is proven to combat hair loss successfully, but used in isolation, Rooney’s hair is unlikely to show significant signs of regrowth.

Here at The Belgravia Centre, stubborn cases of hair loss like Rooney’s are treated with a combination of unique, high-strength formulations which combine Minoxidil with other compounds thought to enhance the medication’s efficacy. Rooney may also be put on a course of treatment using Propecia, another proven treatment in the fight against hair loss.

Critical to the success of these treatments however is the on-going involvement of professional hair loss experts who can adjust treatment plans over time to maximise hair regrowth potential. These hair loss experts can also advise on the use of complementary treatments which may help boost the effects of the medications.

Hair growth boosters from The Belgravia Centre include our custom Hair Vitalics dietary supplement, containing all the vitamins and minerals required for healthy hair growth. Clients may also benefit from the use of a HairMax LaserComb, which uses laser light to stimulate cell activity in the hair follicles, thereby encouraging further hair growth.

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