Was Martin Roberts Given Bad Hair Loss Treatment Advice?

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presenter Martin Roberts has spoken proudly of his newly restored crown; the result of a £6,000 hair transplant operation.

49 year-old Mr Roberts first realised he had a case of Male Pattern Baldness after catching sight of a growing bald spot on TV, claiming: “Every time there was a shot of me from the back, you'd see this ‘thing’ - my bald spot. It was like a halo. I know I have not been getting any more saintly so there could only be one other reason - my hair was thinning quite quickly.”

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Roberts immediately sought assistance for his hair loss in the form of transplant surgery. The treatment saw 4,200 hairs harvested from the back of his scalp and implanted into the crown where the majority of the hair loss had occurred. The procedure takes many hours and is often spread over the course of a couple of days.

Seven months later and his hairline is looking significantly more healthy.

Martin Roberts reports that the experiences of other celebrities provided the inspiration he needed to go ‘under the knife’. “Thankfully, there is no longer a stigma attached to having a hair transplant,” he said. “When you people like Wayne Rooney and James Nesbitt being so open about having help, you do think, ‘why not?’.

Instead of changing your car every three years, why not have a hair transplant? It will give you a lot more satisfaction in the long-term.”

Perhaps unknown to Martin Roberts, James Nesbitt has actually had to undergo two transplant operations to achieve his current, healthy-looking hairline, and Wayne Rooney has so far failed to achieve a full head of hair despite at least one operation his receding hairline was even thought to have provided fodder for a cruel advertising stunt in recent months.

Poor hair loss advice?

Roberts described seeking hair loss treatment as a “vanity” exercise, perhaps underestimating the value many men place on their hair. “Hair transplants are just about the only vanity treatment that men can do. We are not going to have face lifts, but the loss of hair really can affect your self-esteem,” he said.

Perhaps more worryingly, he appears to have opted for a hair transplant as the very first course of action to deal with his hair loss. However there are several clinically approved medications that have proven hair regrowth properties. As such it would appear that Martin Roberts may not have received the most informed advice from his hair loss consultants.

For any condition, surgery is a significant step making it the last resort in every case. The rush to undergo surgical treatment for hair loss suggests that Martin Roberts, and many other celebrities, are opting for drastic treatments before properly investigating cheaper and less invasive medical hair loss treatment alternatives which can have very high levels of success when administered and monitored by a hair loss expert.

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