Woman Warriors Hair Loss Support Group Gets Celebrity Backing

Dealing with any type of hair loss can be hard to come to terms with, emotionally. Whilst friends and family may prove valuable sources of comfort, for some it can be helpful to speak with people who have been, or are going through, the same issue.

Sunderland-based organisation, Woman Warriors by Panache Group is a peer support group for women with various forms of Alopecia Areata, the autoimmune disorder which has left many of them completely bald. This fantastic community was founded by Jolene Casey and inspired by teen model Elisha Appleby who started losing her hair to this enigmatic condition at 15 years of age.

sherrie hewsonIn addition to helping each other, raising alopecia awareness and boosting their confidence - as well as visibility - via events such as walking in fashion shows, the Woman Warrior by Panache Group also aims to raise £100,000 to create a dedicated 'hair loss hub' in the North-East.

Now Newcastle-born Benidorm actor Sherrie Hewson has given them her backing after a chance meeting at a radio station.

Celebrity ambassador

Local newspaper, the Chronicle reports how warrior woman and Benidorm fan Hannah McKay ran into Hewson, in town to promote Benidorm Live at the Theatre Royal, when they were both being interviewed on Radio Newcastle.

McKay, who started to lose her hair in July 2017 and now has patchy hairloss from the scalp-only form of Alopecia Areata, was there to discuss Alopecia Awareness Month. She approached Hewson and the pair got chatting.

The candid star then opened up about her own experience of stress-related hair loss which she said caused her to lose the hair around her hairline and at the sides of her head. Although she did not state which hair loss condition she was affected by, she did note that it cleared up following six months of treatment, during which she wore wigs for her TV work.

“I lost my hair through stress and I know what they are dealing with and what they are going through,” Sherrie Hewson told the Chronicle.

"I understand their emotion and how it feels. A woman’s hair is their crown and glory, it’s your femininity and to lose it is very stressful. I know what it’s like to look in the mirror, I know what they are experiencing. 

These women are embracing their hair loss and by doing that and understanding it, then that helps them cope. It’s brilliant what they are doing and I’m happy to put my name to it.” Continues below...

Warrior Women Panache Group Hair Loss Support Group North East Sunderland Newcastle UK alopecia areata

Loose Women helping to dispel hair loss 'stigma'

It seems fitting that Sherrie Hewson would agree to be an ambassador for such an organisation given she is one of a number of Loose Women panellists to open up about their hair loss.

Nadia Sawalha has discussed being diagnosed with the genetic condition Female Pattern Hair Loss, on the daytime TV show, whilst Gloria Hunniford has explained both the issues she had with thinning hair and the attitude her late daughter, Carol Keating, took after losing her hair during chemotherapy for breast cancer.

The popular programme has given prime coverage to various hair loss issues over the years, with presenters advising they want to help to eradicate the perceived stigma about women's hair loss. A sentiment both the Loose Women and Warrior Women have in common.

Find out more about Woman Warriors by Panache Group and donate to their Just Giving campaign, via wearepanachegroup.com
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