Want to Marry Madonna? Don't Go Bald

Madonna Says She Doesn't Date Men Her Own Age Because They Are Usually Fat and Balding.

Madonna, 51, has explained why she is attracted to much younger men such as her current boyfriend, 23 year-old Brazilian model Jesus Luz. The Queen of Pop says that men her age are “usually married, divorces, grumpy, fat and balding”. However, the body-conscious singer, who follows a strict diet and exercise regime, is wrong to think that only middle-aged men suffer from hair loss. Most men will begin to develop Male Pattern Baldness in their 20s or 30s and, if left untreated, the hair loss will become irreversible. But if the Material Girl is not your cup of tea, why bother to worry about a receding hairline and a bald spot?

Well, apparently Madonna represents a growing trend of older women hunting for younger men. These women have been nicknamed 'cougars' for the way they stalk the urban jungle on the look out for their prey. Perhaps though this comes as no surprise as a man usually hits his sexual prime in his late teens or early twenties while a woman mostly does so in her late forties. For some women, reaching the age of 50 brings with it a strong sense of empowerment. Madonna, Mariah Carey and Demi Moore are all examples of older women finding contentment with a younger man and bucking the stereotype of an older man running off with a younger woman.

Madonna's 23 Year Old Boyfriend, Jesus Luz, May Have Thick Hair But Many Men in Their 20s Suffer From Male Pattern Hair Loss.So what can a man do to avoid being "grumpy, fat and bald" and increase his chances on the A-list dating circuit. Obviously for the first two issues, it is simple. Advice and support is everywhere. Join a gym, cycle to work, ditch junk food for healthier cuisine and the grumpiness usually disappears as a consequence of looking after your body. But what about the balding? Some men of course adopt the bald look with a degree of finesse think Patrick Stewart, Bruce Willis and Andre Agassi. However, many men simply do not feel comfortable with the shape of their head and do not want to expose it to the world while some just prefer the way they look with hair.

The good news is that Male Pattern Baldness can be successfully managed using hair loss treatments. A carefully tailored treatment programme that has been prescribed by a hair loss specialist is the fastest way to seeing results. For examples of the kind of regrowth that clients of the Belgravia Centre have achieved, take a look at the extensive range of hair loss treatment success stories.

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