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Walking Dead Star Danai Gurira Chats Baldness


danai gurira the walking dead michonne bald headYou might know her as Michonne in the hit AMC show The Walking Dead, but when she’s not in character, you might be a bit hard pushed to recognise Danai Gurira on account of her dramatically different hairstyle. She might rock long dreadlocks in the post-apocalyptic zombie TV show, but in real life Danai is completely bald due to voluntary hair loss.

Bald And Beautiful

Cutting a striking figure with her super short shaved hairdo, it’s no surprise that Danai has made People magazine’s Most Beautiful list this year. Talking to the famous mag, the 35 year old actress discussed her reasons for cutting her hair off, explaining: “One day I had to wear a wig cap, and I said, ‘That kind of works…As soon as I could, I cut it all off, and I haven’t looked back since.”

The Iowa born actress is certainly a shining example of a woman who makes a shaved head work for her, and she joins the ranks of other stars such as Jessie J, who recently shaved her head for comic relief, and Natalie Portman, Charlize Theron and Demi Moore, who have all gone bald for film roles.

What sets Danai apart, however, is her decision to go bald for no particular reason other than she wanted to, something that will no doubt be an encouragement for women dealing with hair loss who are struggling to come to terms with their condition. Sadly, though, many women struggle with their hair loss on account of it being forced upon them, rather than it being a choice.

 “I haven’t looked back since”

There are a variety of female hair loss conditions that women can experience. Some, like female pattern hair loss, require sustained treatment to halt the rate of shedding and regrow hair, due to being caused by follicular shrinkage on account of the androgen DHT, something that cannot be ‘cured’ as such.

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Pattern hair loss is not the only type of noticeable shedding that we treat at Belgravia. Alopecia areata causes patchy hair loss all over the scalp, as supposed to a general thinning atop the scalp with pattern loss. We cannot treat all cases of alopecia areata, but during a free consultation we can ascertain whether your case may respond well to treatment, and if so, our high strength minoxidil cream has proven particularly effective for this purpose.

There are various other types of hair loss that we treat at our clinics, just take a look at our list of hair loss conditions. Alongside medical treatment, we provide treatment boosters to keep hair at its healthiest and also closely monitor our patients during check-ups every three months; we also provide support over the phone, email, and in person.

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