Viviscal – Does it Work?

Viviscal for MenViviscal

is essentially a natural supplement available in a men’s and women’s formula, although they do also sell shampoo, conditioner and scalp lotion. According to its website, Viviscal says it has been “scientifically proven to stop thinning hair, and promote healthy hair growth”, but according to the criterion set by the MHRA and UK Advertising Standards Authority for natural supplements, such a claim may be crossing the lines of truthfulness and substantiation.

How is it MEANT to Work?

Viviscal says it provides nourishment for your hair and “is used extensively by models and actors to promote longer, stronger, more beautiful looking hair”. It contains a combination of silica compounds, vitamin C, and a “highly concentrated marine protein”. Like Belgravia’s own Hair Vitalics, natural supplements can help provide the nutrients your hair needs for optimum health but they are not licensed treatments for hair loss. Lax regulation in regards to food supplements, however, means embellished statements can sometimes go by the wayside, but there is no sufficient evidence that proves any supplement is effective in stabilising or reversing hair loss, not even Viviscal.

DOES it Work?

As a natural supplement, Viviscal are not required to prove that their remedy works. Their independent studies are not overseen by any regulatory body and, according to the MHRA, as long as their supplement avoids promising to cure a specific ailment, Viviscal can say pretty much whatever they want.

Although Viviscal’s “clinically proven hair loss treatment that can turn thinning hair into thicker hair” is walking a very fine line in advertising standards, it does not hold much significance in the treatment of hair loss. Viviscal’s formulations may promote healthy hair growth by providing beneficial nutrients to the follicles, but none of its ingredients have been individually proven to help stop hair loss or stimulate new hair growth. And although there are no studies that conclude Viviscal is not beneficial in treating hair loss, there is no reliable or conclusive evidence to say that it is.

Unlike food supplements, medical hair loss treatments are subjected to exacting scientific trial to prove them both safe and also effective and are overseen by medical regulatory bodies. Only two products have been clinically proven and licensed by the MHRA and FDA approved for the treatment of hair loss.

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