Viral Video Shows How to Hide a Receding Hairline on Screen

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Prevent a Receding Hairline

It may never feature very highly in the all-time list of advice videos for people with hair loss, but a clip by a Londoner known as Lippy Lickshot is undoubtedly one of the funniest on the subject that we’ve seen.

Male Pattern Baldness, a very common genetic condition that frequently leads to a receding hairline as well as pronounced balding around the crown, has likely been the stuff of pub banter since Roman times. And if the popularity of Mr Lickshot’s Twitter video is anything to go by it is still offering rich fodder for anyone with a keen sense of humour.

Four solutions

Posting the video under his Twitter handle @DonDadaLipz, the funnyman says: “I’m the Don Dada, I find a way around things, yeah? I’m gonna show you how to hide your hairline.

Over the course of the next minute-and-a-half, he then offers his 16k followers four possible solutions for men who want to conceal their hair loss on screen - a very millennial problem, but one that many social media users struggle with.

He begins with a bandana which he comically drapes on his head without bothering to tie it up. “Slap a bandana on,” he says. “You don’t know what’s underneath.”

Next comes a suggestion that you simply “lean back” a bit. “Don’t be showing them that,” he says, leaning forward to show off the top of his head. On a related note is tip number three, which he describes as “The classic don’t-show-your-forehead in your videos or selfies.”

To demonstrate just how effective this is, he then frames himself on the screen so that nothing above his eyebrows can be seen. Continues below

Caution advised: video contains some strong language

The last trick is to “palm it out”. By that, he means place a palm on your head in a dramatic fashion. Couple this gesture with a comment along the lines of “I’m hot” or “I’m confused” and you can divert attention from thinning hair for as long as you can keep your hand in place.

Practical alternative

Don has made many videos on the subject of his own receding hairline - something he recently told his fans had stopped him recording more frequently. He announced his decision to accept his hair loss and let it take its course just prior to releasing the video showing how to hide your hairline on screen.

While it can sometimes be a relief to laugh off Male Pattern Baldness, it is a very serious subject for millions of men, many of whom choose to address it in a rather more practical fashion. One of the most popular routes it a personalised male hair loss treatment course, which is based around clinically-proven products that address the reason that hair is falling out in the first place.

In all cases of MPB, hair thins and sheds because a person is genetically sensitive to a testosterone by-product named DHT which causes hair follicles to shrink. The result, often over the course of many years, is progressive balding.

At Belgravia our hair loss specialists tailor bespoke treatment plans based around high strength minoxidil preparations to address stubborn hair loss around the hairline and temples. This approach has produced and continues to see significant regrowth results and can help men with a widow's peak to fill in these areas of hairloss, as demonstrated in our Receding Hairline Treatment Success Stories.

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The Belgravia Centre

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Posted by Mike Peake

In this article: Hair Loss | Male Hair Loss

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