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Advice on Vegan and Vegetarian Foods That Help With Hair Loss

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Name: Rashmi

Question: I am a strict vegetarian. What vegetarian foods contain all the required chemicals for good hair? I have hair loss just above the crown. I stay in Saudi Arabia and have been blaming the slight salinity in the water supply which is used for bathing and to wash my hair. I apply olive oil and use good quality shampoo and conditioners. Please suggest. Thank you.
Hi, Rashmi. Hair loss at the crown instantly suggests that the condition could be hereditary, although you would need to fill in an online consultation form so one of our specialists can make an informed diagnosis.Hair Loss Prevention Diet Tips for Vegetarians

Diffuse hair loss is a condition that often results from inadequate diet or other medical problems, but with this thinning occurs all over the scalp. Thinning or hair loss on the crown, on the other hand, is typical of genetic hair loss which is confined to areas around the top of the scalp and is better known as male pattern baldness and female pattern hair loss.

Can Desalinated Water Cause Hair Loss? It could have an effect on hair quality, aggravate or even instigate genetic patterns of hair loss. Essentially however, unless there is an inherent genetic susceptibility to thinning, desalinated water won’t directly cause hair loss.

Using a quality shampoo and conditioner can help maintain hair health, as can consuming a balanced diet that consists of foods containing essential vitamins and nutrients. These include, but are not limited to:

– Soybeans and lentils – for their high levels of iron

– Tofu and spinach – for their high protein content

– Papaya and raw red pepper – good source of vitamin C to help absorb iron

– Dairy products (including vegetarian cheese) and free range eggs – contain B vitamins for healthy hair.

– Vegans should eat foods fortified with B vitamins.

However, these foods and what you are currently using on your hair will not be enough to prevent thinning hair if the active gene exists within, and they most certainly will not reverse the shedding that has already occurred.

There are only two products that have been extensively proven for the treatment and prevention of hair loss, these are finasteride 1mg and minoxidil. The daily oral tablet finasteride 1mg is only suitable for men aged 18+, whilst high strength minoxidil is a unisex treatment and something we carry a number of different formulations of at Belgravia so that we can tailor a bespoke hair loss treatment course to suit. Unlike some nutritional supplements and home remedies, they have undergone large, wide scale clinical studies to demonstrate their safety and efficacy and have contributed to a growing number of hair loss success stories.

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17th March, 2012 at 2:25 pm

m sherratt

eating a lot of soya products may well be a cause of hair loss in vegetarian women as soya, particularly the unfermented soya that is the staple diet of many vegetarians, interferes with the thyroid gland and slows it down. Thyroid deficiency is one cause of hair thinning in women. Many women from middle age onwards experience female pattern balding..thinning at temple and crown......due to hormonal changes, dht playing its part. Therefore it would be unwise to eat a lot of soya products and much better to eat beans, lentils and pulses as well as quinoa for protein.

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