fbpx Using Kardashian Vitamin C Hair Hack May Damage Dyed Hair
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Using Kardashian Vitamin C Hair Hack May Damage Dyed Hair


The Kardashian and Jenner celebrity sisters are known to spark many a fashion and beauty trend, but the latest suggestion may not be as clever as first thought.

Kim Kardashian Pink Hair Hack Fade Dye Vitamin CIn fact, if your hair is already bleached, chemically-treated or in any way weakened then the latest Kardashian beauty trick may cause hair loss from breakage.

Vitamin C hair hack

Kim Kardashian-West published a video on her subscription-based website and app, under the heading ‘The Trick I Use To Tone My Pink Hair’. It demonstrated her ‘hair hack’ for removing dye after wanting to change up her long, bubblegum-coloured hair.

The tip involved crushing vitamin C ascorbic acid tablets then mixing the resulting powder into her shampoo and applying it to her hair. The solution was left on for 20 minutes before being rinsed off.

Though the eldest Kardashian sister had hoped that the DIY mask would strip the dye from her bleach blonde hair, but instead it turned it a paler shade of baby pink.

The natural brunette told her fans, “I was hoping my hair would eventually turn back to blond, but it left my color a slight pink tone, which I ended up loving!”

Not great for weak or damaged hair

Whilst Kardashian-West may be happy with the results of her experiment, those of us without our own glam squads or ‘hairdrobes‘ on hand to rescue potential hair disasters may want to think twice before trying it.

Hair Cuticle Damaged By Colouring

The hair cuticle is usually smooth when healthy; this image shows hair that has been damaged by colouring

In order to get pink hair in the first place it is almost always necessary to lighten the hair, often using bleach – a chemical known to be harsh on the hair – especially when the base hair colour is dark.  Once a light blonde shade has been achieved, a pink dye or toner is applied on top, which then clings to the porous bleached hair. As the hair underneath is pale, the colour should appear quite vibrant but this tends to fade each time the hair is washed.

The process of bleaching or lightening the hair can cause it to become dry, weakened and brittle in many cases; in extreme situations it may even lead to hairloss from chemical trauma.

Although a professional blow-dry once the hairdresser has finished can help it to look incredibly healthy, once you wash your hair yourself you may notice the change in texture if your hair was not bleached previously. If, in addition to dying your hair, you also use other kinds of potentially problematic styling practices regularly, from straightening – either chemical relaxing, using flat irons or having a Brazilian blow dry – to setting your hairdryer on too high a heat, the hair can become even more damaged.

DARK blog size Hair Vitalics for Women food hair growth supplement Belgravia CentreAdding an acid wash into the mix to lighten the shade is not the best idea when your hair is already in a fragile state.

In cases of severely damaged hair even just washing it can cause something known as hair breakage – where strands snap off along the shaft – so, if you suspect your hair is over-processed or are at all concerned about the health of your hair, it is best to avoid this type of vitamin C home fix. Whilst not technically a hair loss condition, breakage can make the hair look thin, dull and frizzy.

Maintaining an intensive hair care routine featuring shampoos and conditioners designed to nurture, strengthen and hydrate each strand is the best course of action. This will also help the colour to fade in a healthier way, if colour-safe formulations are avoided. Paying close attention to your diet and ensuring a good supply of helpful vitamins and minerals can also help to promote nourished hair from within.

Whilst not designed to replace a balanced diet, those looking for an extra boost may find taking a food supplement specifically targeted at the maintenance of healthy hair growth, such as Belgravia’s exclusive Hair Vitalics for Women, beneficial. 

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