Uptown Funk Stress Gave Mark Ronson a Receding Hairline

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Superstar British DJ and record producer Mark Ronson has revealed how the stress of making what turned out to be the biggest song of the decade led to hair loss.

The song in question, Uptown Funk, on which Ronson teamed up with Bruno Mars, has now been watched more than 1.3 billion times on YouTube, hit the top slot in music charts all over the world and won many awards including a prestigious 2015 Record of the Year Grammy. Making it, however, was a leviathan effort.
Mark Ronson Says He Had Hair Loss from Stress Mark Ronson pictured above in the video for Uptown Funk and as he is today, 2016, below

Hair loss and anxiety attacks

Talking to the Mail On Sunday, Ronson explained that the stress of trying to finish Uptown Funk led to a catalogue of health issues. “I had everything going on,” he said. “Hair loss, anxiety attacks, vomiting and finally collapsing in a restaurant."

He also told the Daily Mirror that the “long, grueling experience” of making his album Uptown Special had visible effects on his famous widow's peak. "I’d lost an inch off my hairline because I was so worried," he recalls, adding that he thinks his hair, which he continues to wear in his signature pompadour style, is now “frozen, holding its ground.

Age-wise Ronson, 40, is in prime Male Pattern Baldness territory as this hereditary and exceedingly common hair loss condition is evident among vast swathes of the world’s 40-something men. Recent pictures suggest that the DJ still has a slightly receding hairline, which is one of the classic signs of genetic hair loss, although a thinning crown is just as common.

Could stress have triggered this genetic condition? Absolutely - as long as he had an existing inherited predisposition towards the condition, whether it had already started to display or not. While the genetic susceptibility for losing hair to MPB can wait decades to kick in, experts do believe that stress can speed up its onset or exacerbate its prevalance in those who are already showing signs of hair loss.

Of course, with hair colours ranging from jet black to peroxide to silver over the years, Ronson has, perhaps, been a little unkind on the bouffant locks that have served him so well. Cumulative damage to his scalp could certainly have played a part. However, this is unlikely to have brought about this particular type of thinning, with male hair loss the more likely contender.

Don't believe me? Just watch...

On the subject of his hairline now, Ronson told the Mirror, “...I’m growing older, so it’s going to go back, there’s nothing I can do.”

This is a common misconception and despite often being perceiving as 'the beginning of the end', there are actually two clinically-proven hair loss treatments available to help combat male pattern baldness.

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Posted by Mike Peake

In this article: Hair Loss | Male Hair Loss

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