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Unusual Hair Experiments

Man combing hairHair (and by extension, hair loss) is a subject that has been investigated by doctors and scientists for centuries. Ever since man first began to go bald, everyone from medicine men to barber surgeons has been trying to find a way to reverse the shedding of hair.

Over time, there have been some very unusual experiments conducted in search of a solution. One of the most interesting studies was carried out by William C Waggoner and George V Scott, two researchers employed by the Colgate-Palmolive Company.

Tuneful tresses

These scientists explained the basis of the experiment: “In an attempt to investigate characteristics of hair sound and feel as experienced by an individual during the combing process, an electronic comb which measures frequencies generated by tooth-hair interface friction was developed.”

On a simple level, Waggoner and Scott were trying to accurately measure the sound of a comb when dragged through hair. The team put a great degree of effort into their investigation, creating a special device to give an accurate measurement:

“An Ace Waveserra hard rubber comb was affixed to the contact microphone by two small bolts. A third bolt, which had been placed through the comb frame, served as a pressure-adjustable contact bridge between the comb and microphone. In this situation, any sound frequencies received by the comb are carried to the contact microphone via the steel bolt.”

In terms of findings, it was noted that “bleached hair gives much higher raspiness levels than unbleached hair”.

Although their experiment was interesting and on some levels, effective, no long-term contributions to the field of hair regrowth were made as a result of Waggoner and Scott’s efforts.

Real science, real results

Fortunately, there have been other experiments and trials undertaken which have helped scientists to combat conditions such as Male Pattern Baldness. The development of clinically proven medications Minoxidil and Propecia is the result of extensive research and testing, and these treatments now help regrow hair for men and women experiencing all manner of hair loss conditions.

Scientists continue to work hard to finally eradicate baldness in all its forms with developing fields like stem cell therapy, providing many hopeful avenues of investigation – but in the meantime, specialists already have the hair loss treatments available to help many men and women.

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