Understanding the Mental Struggle of Hair Loss

Two American doctors have penned an essay for the Journal of the American Medical Association advocating a more compassionate role towards patients’ suffering, regardless of their condition.

When people seek out the help of a doctor, argue the authors, their physicians are often so busy that their only goal is to treat the patient’s physical problem. But in almost every case there is likely to be an equally important and often ignored psychological part at play. Something which is extremely true of hair loss.

Mental Anguish Associated with Hair LossSuffering being ignored by doctors

Doctors Ronald M. Epstein of the University of Rochester in New York and oncologist Anthony L. Back from Seattle wanted to look into the psychological effects of a medical condition because, they say, “clinical care has moved away from addressing suffering.”

They state that severe distress arising from a medical problem can span physical, emotional, social, spiritual, existential and financial domains, and that a more holistic approach to a person’s wellbeing is needed.

The article states that “Physicians can have a pivotal role in addressing suffering if they can expand how they work with patients.” Some doctors, they say, do this instinctively, but most need training in order to understand how they can best help in this area.

Citing several examples of patients making a better-than-expected recovery thanks to doctors paying attention to their overall wellbeing, they explain this holistic approach is “more feasible than ever because of evidence that programs promoting mindfulness, emotional intelligence and self-regulation make a difference.”

Since its inception, Belgravia has established its reputation for treating hairloss by taking exactly the supportive, understanding approach that the AMA is now recommending, so this report certainly resonated.

Customer Service at The Belgravia Centre Hair Loss Clinic LondonDedicated hair loss support

A question we are frequently asked is, “Why don’t I just buy some hair products online as it will be cheaper?”, which is a valid query. Aside from the fact that buying hair loss products online can be a risky business, the answer lies in our Success Stories and client feedback testimonials.

Belgravia clients - many of whom have already tried over-the-counter products to no avail - tell us repeatedly that the value they get from knowing they have a dedicated team behind them, in addition to knowing they are following a bespoke hair loss treatment tailored specifically to their personal needs is hard to put a price on.

The centres' friendly, professional specialist nurses and treatment advisors all understand that for men or women with any type of hair loss condition the mental anguish and social anxiety that may accompany it can be devastating.

Properly diagnosing their condition then explaining the relevant treatment options and prognosis can be an overwhelming experience for some. In many cases, men and women have been trying to cover or conceal their thinning hair for some time and feel a great sense of relief in being able to talk to someone who understands what they are going through and can help.

It is worth remembering Belgravia is able to provide a far more wide-ranging treatment course than is typically available on the High Street. This, coupled with an on-going monitoring service, allowing the relevant components to be tweaked as time goes on if necessary, helps to maximise the chances of seeing results. As many of our testimonials state, clients often find their self-confidence growing back with their hair but they still like to know their support network
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