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UK TV Company Seeks People with Alopecia for New Documentary

Secret Alopecia The Belgravia CentreA UK TV production company is looking for people living with Alopecia to appear in a new series for the Discovery Health Channel called “My Secret Body”. Maverick TV  produce popular medical, health and lifestyle programmes such as Children’s Hospital, Bizarre ER and How To Look Good Naked.

According to the series brief, “My Secret Body” will consist of 12 half hour programmes featuring people who have medical conditions which affect both their bodies and their confidence and which, importantly, they are hiding from their friends and family. The idea of each programme is to take a look at each person’s attempts to explore and understand their own body and the way it makes them feel when faced with these unexpected conditions such as those that cause hair loss.

“My Secret Body” will also look at underlying medical conditions and the range of treatments available for each. The idea behind the series is to inform the audience about the complexities of certain conditions and to convey the emotional effects of experiencing hair loss through Alopecia.  Maverick TV are promising to bring the same sensitivity and integrity to this new series as they bring to bear on their other programmes.

Maverick TV are planning an episode based around Alopecia.  They are therefore keen to talk to people who have been recently diagnosed with some form of Alopecia, may be having difficulties coming to terms with the condition and are currently hiding their hair loss from friends and family. Maverick TV promise help and support along the way to the person chosen to take part in “My Secret Body”. Application forms to take part in “My Secret Body” can be downloaded from the Maverick TV website. Be warned however that the application form asks for a number of personal medical and social details as well as photographic evidence of hair loss.

Getting help with hair loss

Other people experiencing hair loss but who would prefer a considered and well-founded approach to treatment can choose to use the professional services of the Belgravia Centre. As the UK’s leading Hair Loss Clinic and Pharmacy, the Belgravia Centre are able to develop personalised plans to minimise and reverse male hair loss and female hair loss alike.

The Belgravia Centre provides help and support to all clients that goes beyond simply prescribing medications. Effective treatments using Propecia and Minoxidil (depending on the hair loss condition) may be prescribed based upon a client’s particular needs, supplemented with Belgravia’s own Hair Growth Boosters and close monitoring by a dedicated hair loss expert. Clients are also able to arrange check-ups at any point during the course of their treatment helping rebuild self-confidence along the way. Contact us for more details.

Clients living outside the UK, or who would rather use treatment in the comfort of their own homes can complete the online diagnostic form for a home-use program. The Belgravia hair loss mail-order service makes all of our treatment courses and medications available to anyone worldwide.

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