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Two And A Half Men’s Hair Loss: Jon Cryer Sheds

jon cryer hair loss receding hairline thinningHe’s best known for his role in hit TV show Two and A Half Men, which starred until recently the infamous actor Charlie Sheen, but unlike his on-screen character who is hopeless at relationships, in real life Jon Cryer, aka Dr Alan Harper, was the picture of the family man this week in California.

However, the star, who allegedly earns $620,000 per episode, seemed to be experiencing some very noticeable hair loss as he joined his wife Lisa and children Daisy and Charlie as they visited their local farmer’s market in the sunshine.

Half A Head of Hair

Based on the fact that Cryer’s thinning appears to be on the top of his scalp as supposed to the back and sides, it would appear that he is experiencing the onset of male pattern hair loss. This type of shedding can begin at any point after puberty in men, and occurs due to an inherited predisposition to DHT sensitivity. DHT, an androgen hormone, can attack the hair follicles atop the scalp, which in turn leads to follicular shrinkage and weaker, thinner hairs being produced.

Should Cryer want to prevent baldness, he would need to act soon to prevent his hair loss from being medically untreatable. Any hair loss treatment plan would need to contain at least one of the two medications licensed by the MHRA and approved by the FDA to treat hair loss.

The first of these medications, the oral tablet Propecia, works by blocking DHT. It is highly effective for treating overall thinning, and can both halt the rate of hair loss and allow hair to begin to grow healthily once more. However, to treat a receding hairline, which Cryer also seems to be experiencing, Propecia alone will not suffice.

No Half Measures

Minoxidil, a second proven medication, is highly complementary when used alongside Propecia, particularly for treating frontal hair loss. A topical liquid or high strength minoxidil cream allows for extremely targeted treatment, and a hair loss specialist will select the optimum dosage for your individual case.

As well as the two medications, Cryer could take advantage of a variety of treatment boosters, from added ingredients in Belgravia’s unique minoxidil formulations that appear to block DHT when applied locally, to nutritional supplement Hair Vitalics and the Laser Comb, all of which help to ensure hair is kept in the best condition possible whilst hair loss is addressed.

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