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TV Man’s Hair Loss Affects Career

With the exception of perhaps models who earn a living by their looks, most people like to be valued for their skills at work and not their appearance. But in the image-conscious world of media, such principles do not always apply. American Carl Arky had a successful career in television journalism. Then he started to suffer from hair loss. The result? His agent told him that jobs were becoming like his hair, ie a bit thin on the ground. Although his hair loss did not affect his ability to write, edit, work to deadlines or present the news, Arky found that work was not coming his way after 20 years in the industry. A recent article in the Deseret News revealed what happened to Arky as a result of him losing his hair.

Hair loss can affect the careers of those in the public spotlight.Arky earned a degree in journalism from the University of Missouri, worked in TV in Okla, Houston, Dallas and Salt Lake, where he was on air for over ten years. Then in the late 80s, he looked for an agent but no-one was interested; one explained that, “Your hair is thinning. That’s going to be a problem.”

“When you’re 23 and have a full head of hair, you don’t think about these things,” said Arky who watched his video tapes and noticed his thinning hair for the first time. Arky, who now works for the Humane Society, decided he had to do something and got a hairpiece: “I had a family to feed; I swallowed my pride.”

But the journalist’s solution was temporary. When his contract came to an end in 1997, his boss said to him: “Our research shows people don’t like a lot of things about you. They don’t like your hairpiece. They don’t like your glasses. They don’t like your clothes. And they say you weigh too much. You have 60 days to do something about it.”

Rather than be defeated by the image-obsessed public, Arky went out and got new clothes and glasses. He lost 30 pounds in 2 months and he altered his hairpiece. These efforts extended his contract for a year before the station got rid of him. Arky has since worked in a number of short contracts but he is pessimistic about the future: “The industry is not looking for 54-year-olds with bald heads and a pot belly,” he says.

“The TV news business is about making money, and if they can get someone attractive who can help sell more products, they’re going to do it,” says Arky. “There are many more stories out there like mine. Mine is just one.”
But maybe things turned out well for Arky. Between contracts, he worked as a volunteer dog walker at the Humane Society of Utah. In August, the organisation offered Arky the position of Director of Communications. At night, he has a radio job in which he handles play-by-play duties for Weber State ballgames. “I’ve always loved dogs,” Arky says. “I’m surrounded by them all day. I’m happy about that. They don’t care about my hair or weight.”

Although Arky eventually decided to lose the hairpiece and shaved his head, for men suffering from hair loss there are options to maintain hair growth. There are two hair loss treatments, Minoxidil and Propecia, which can help stabilise the shedding and restore lost hair. The key to the effectiveness of these treatments is two-fold. First, the treatments bring about optimum regrowth when tailored to the individual. Second, the earlier a man starts to use treatment, the better the results.

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