Treatment for Hair Loss Around Hair Transplant Grafts?'

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Name: Zubair

Question: I am woundering if this hair loss treatment would work for me or not as I already have done hair transplantation but still I am losing my old hair not the transplanted one. Also as the transplant didn’t cover the whole of my sclap so still not fully satisfied.

Answer: Hi, Zubair. This is a fairly common hair loss concern. Many men who decide to undergo hair restoration surgery are unaware that - assuming the new donor hair takes properly - this will only prevent the area covered by the new grafts from the effects of male pattern baldness.

As the condition is a permanent one, the remaining hair follicles around the top of the scalp and hairline will continue to be affected by DHT and the miniaturisation process which necessitated their hair transplant in the first place. The resulting hair thinning and/or a receding hairline can usually be addressed by using an on-going aftercare programme featuring clinically-proven hair loss treatments.

The only scenario in which these would not be of use - medical suitability, aside - is if the balding areas had no hair left. When the scalp skin takes on a smooth, shiny appearance this is an indication of baldness due to the hair follicles no longer being capable of producing hair. As male hair loss treatment works on the follicles, if there are none present then they have nothing to work with.

The MHRA licensed and FDA approved treatments for male pattern baldness help to block the formation of DHT and promote new hair growth, and can be used together or separately. Additional hair growth supporting products can also be used as part of a holistic approach to hair loss and hair care.

You can see many examples of clients before and after starting their recommended treatment courses in Belgravia's Success Stories gallery to give you an idea as to the types of results that have been achieved with this type of approach. If you would like personalised advice on which hair loss solutions may be best for you, we recommend having a consultation with a specialist who can provide this based on their findings.

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