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Travolta Takes Care of Hair Loss

Young TravoltaJohn Travolta’s slick 50’s coffee colour quiff, worn for his iconic role as Danny Suko in Grease, made him the star he is today. He has remained a movie staple for decades now with his elastic personality, gleaming teeth and thick, dark hair making him perfect for a wide array of roles while ticking all the right Hollywood boxes. It’s no surprise then that the Pulp Fiction star has taken costly measures to cover up his apparent hair loss.

In recent months, paparazzi and celebrity gossip blogs have been taking a very close look at Travolta’s famous head of hair, as photographs suggest evidence of a false hair system.

The pictures, from earlier this year, show Travolta sporting a mesh – a grid like system used in hair weaving procedures to treat hair loss. It is not the first time Travolta’s hairline has come into question, though the actor has made no comment on the issue.

John Travolta Hair SystemHair weaving is one way to battle the appearance of baldness, but we would advise celebrities with thinning hair, or anyone else for that matter, to try an effective hair loss treatments programme before anything else. While  convincing and effective, hair mesh systems can put extra pressure on the remaining natural hair, encouraging further hair loss and causing the wearer to become totally dependant on the system.

Depending on the exact nature and cause of the hair loss we have a range of treatments available, some of which use Minoxidil and Propecia, the only hair loss medications licensed by the UK’s MHRA and approved by the FDA in the US,  in addition to hair growth boosters and close trichological monitoring to ensure that hair re-growth is steady and stable.

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3rd February, 2011 at 10:59 am


He's still handsome with or without hair!!

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