fbpx Trachyonychia and Pseudopelade…do you treat them?
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Trachyonychia and Pseudopelade…do you treat them?


pseudopelade scarring alopeciaName: Abdullah

Question: My sister has been affected by the disease of Trachyonychia since the age of 16, and has also suffered from Pseudopelade since she was 3 years old. So my question is regarding both diseases, how do you treat them?

Answer: Sadly, Belgravia is unable to treat Pseudopelade (a rare form of patchy scarring hair loss that occurs due to an autoimmune condition) or Trachyonichia (a nail disorder that is beyond our expertise). I’m afraid that I can only advise your sister to see a specialist, which I’m sure she has already done. What I can say, though, is that Pseudopelade progresses, sometimes over years, but should then stop, and in that sense hair loss won’t necessarily continue until it covers the whole scalp.


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