TOWIE’s Mark Wright Concerned About Hair Loss

At just 25, Mark Wright has found himself propelled into semi-stardom due to his appearance in the popular reality-soap The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE). In addition to appearing on the show, which uses ‘real people’ in set-up situations, Wright was recently runner-up in I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! and has tried his hand at presenting in Take Me Out: The Gossip. He has even revealed to the tabloids his dreams of one day starring as James Bond, or presenting the X-Factor.

Mark Wright The Belgravia CentreBut Wright may have been brought back down to earth from his lofty ambitions by something far more mundane, namely, hair loss. According to the Daily Star, an Essex-based source close to Towie has said, “Mark is really worried he’s losing his hair, he’s freaking out. As everyone knows he’s exceptionally vain and always likes to look sharp for the ladies.”

At present, the wannabe star has a receding hairline with a prominent widow’s peak, but it is far from being the worst case of Male Pattern Baldness ever noted.

The thought of going bald is really upsetting him, especially as he’s still so young,” the source continued.

Hair loss and twenty-somethings

Male Pattern Baldness often doesn’t wait until middle age to make its first appearance. Genetic hair loss often starts to make its presence known by the mid-twenties, and in some individuals it may begin as early as the late-teens as it can start any time following puberty.

According to the Star, “Mark’s now looking for whatever treatments are possible. He’s not fussed about how much it’ll cost, looking good means the world to him.

Judging by these comments, Mark Wright’s wallet is not as shallow as his personality may appear on the famous reality TV show, although he may be pleasantly surprised to discover how affordable an effective hair loss treatment programme can be.

Proven treatments for male hair loss

If Mark is serious about doing something about his hair loss before it reaches a more advanced stage, the best approach would be to contact a hair loss specialist who would diagnose the problem, if there is one, and create a bespoke holistic treatment programme.

If the problem is Male Pattern Baldness, there are a selection of medically proven treatments that when used as part of a comprehensive treatment programme with other supportive hair growth boosters, these can not only stabilise hair loss but also stimulate hair re-growth.

At Belgravia our specialists frequently see encouraging regrowth results for receding hairlines by using topical applications of high strength minoxidil from the range of formulations available at our in-clinic pharmacies. Typically it can take between three to six months to start seeing the difference, from the time the treatment is started. The length of time it takes depends on how advanced the level of hair loss is when help is sought so anyone wanting to preserve their mane attraction should always try to seek advice at the earliest possible opportunity.

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The Belgravia Centre

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