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Top Ten Haircuts For Men Announced

david beckham quiff hair top ten hairstyesA new poll of 1000 people, which has sought out the top ten best (and the three worst) male hairstyles of the last one hundred years has revealed some surprising results. Men cutting their hair short, which recent research said made them look more manly, might be surprised to know that the ‘short back and sides’ look didn’t even make the top 20 hairdos.

Nowhere To Hide Your Hairline

Men cutting their hair to conceal their hair loss may be relieved to know that they didn’t make the three worst hairstyles, either, which were cornrows, curtains and a Mohican. The fact that cornrows cause traction alopecia means that their going out of fashion will undoubtedly be a blessing in disguise for many wearers, though many more with receding hairlines may well use curtains or a similar style to cover up balding areas.

Of course, changing your hairstyle to hide baldness is only a temporary solution, as Prime Minister David Cameron discovered yesterday. Whilst some men prefer to ignore their hair loss, taking positive steps to treat the issue is a much more productive way of dealing with it, opening up the possibilities of wearing their hair in styles they previously felt unable to attempt. Indeed, when we take a look at the top ten haircuts of the last 100 years, many involve the hairline being on display, including the most popular look, the quiff; The James Dean – swept-back quiff without a side parting (number four); and the spiky crop (five).

Don’t Let Hair Loss Take Over

Men experiencing male pattern hair loss in the form of a receding hairline may be thankful for the inclusion of the highlighted long fringe (nine) and the brushed forward style of Justin Bieber (three), but many may wish that they were totally at liberty to wear their hair how they wished, without having their mind made up for them by their hair loss.

For men tackling a receding hairline, a high strength minoxidil would often constitute a crucial part of their hair loss treatment programme. When dealing with stubborn hair loss, Minoxidil is one of two clinically proven hair loss medications available, and when teamed with Propecia, and used alongside a number of treatment boosters, it gives men the best possible chance of halting their rate of loss, regrowing hair, and stabilising the regrowth; then it’s just a case of choosing your favourite hairstyle!

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14th February, 2013 at 10:48 am


When considering hair loss treatments you must consider all your options and choices. You always have a choice, do you want to take drugs ? Sometimes this option is removed as some people will not or cannot use drugs of any type. Others may not be able to take pills or tablets. Then there is the option of applying lotions topically.

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