Top Hair Stylist Tells Vogue ‘Wigs Are the New Hats’

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Emilia Clarke Wears a Blonde Wig on the Cover of British Vogue

Celebrity hair stylist Sam McKnight has proclaimed that wigs are the new hats after creating a special platinum blonde wig for Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke to recreate her look as Daenerys Targaryen.

"I cut and textured a long blonde wig and then the day before we went to Paris to shoot, I sent the wig to hair-colour queen Nicola Clarke at John Frieda,” McKnight told Vogue magazine, whose cover the wig was needed for. “She added some dark roots to make the look more modern and real.”

Clarke, a brunette, wears the wig on the front of the May edition - pictured here - but not for the inside pages. McKnight explained: “Paolo Roversi shot the cover on the first day, then on the second day we decided to try Emilia with her own dark hair, which looked fabulous too of course … So we got two Emilias in one issue."

Wig selfies

It would appear the stylist is a big fan of wigs outside of this particular shoot. McKnight, who is balding, has posted a series of selfies featuring various wigs on his Instagram account, a few of which can be seen below.

"I always carry few cases of wigs and pieces, so I have them right beside me at work,” he said. “Sometimes, I cut them on myself. I have all colours and styles and textures, which seem to lend themselves to different characters. It's all just a bit of fun though, isn't that what Instagram is all about?

'Transforming accessory'

Celebrity Hair Stylist Sam McKnight Posts Wig Selfies on Instagram

McKnight often uses wigs and hairpieces in his work, and says, “The wig is the contemporary transforming accessory... wigs are the new hats!

It may be that a wig is not everyone’s choice but it’s good to know that those who choose to wear one will be in very fashionable company.

This type of endorsement may also provide a boost to people who choose to wear a wig when they lose their hair after chemotherapy, as well as sufferers of the more severe forms of Alopecia Areata.

People with the more rare conditions Alopecia Totalis and Alopecia Universalis lose all the hair on their head or body respectively, and often wear wigs to hide their baldness and help their self-esteem.

Charities such as the Little Princess Trust donate wigs to children with alopecia or who are undergoing cancer treatment, in order to help them better come to terms with their resulting hair loss.

Hair loss from wearing a wig

Belgravia Centre Treatment For Traction Alopecia - Example of Client Regrowth An Example of Traction Alopecia Hair Loss As it Appears Before and After Treatment - Click the Image for this Belgravia Client's Full Success Story

One thing wig-wearers should be aware of is that weaves, hair pieces, extensions and any other hair modifications that are firmly attached to the scalp, can cause hairloss.

This can range from hair breakage, where the hair becomes brittle and snaps off due to being weakened by styling damage, to a hair loss condition known as Traction Alopecia.

When wigs are affixed too tightly to the scalp and worn often, the constant tension can prove too much for hair follicles which may stretch and become damaged. This deterioration can lead to hair loss centred around the hairline and temples, as these tend to bear the brunt of the tension. Additionally, the areas of the scalp where particularly taut wig fixings are placed can also display signs of shedding.

Avoiding wearing improperly fitted or too-tight hair accessories, particularly on a frequent basis, should be enough to prevent this type of hair loss condition. But, if you do notice this type of damage, all is not lost. Hair loss specialists are able to offer advice and recommend treatments for Traction Alopecia, however it is important that the cause of the condition is removed - which means ditching the wig.

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Posted by Sarah

In this article: Hair Loss | Women's Hair Loss

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