Top Chat Show Host and TV Doctor's Thinning Hair Tips for Women

Top American daytime TV host Wendy Williams, who just turned 50, has been talking about hair loss and other issues that affect older women on The Dr. Oz show.

In addition to sharing her experiences of losing weight, control underwear and sweaty armpits, Wendy Williams also talked about what it’s like to suffer from thinning hair and how she covers it up.

Wendy Williams' hair loss

Wendy Williams Talks About Her Hair Loss With Dr Oz and Gives Advice on Thinning Hair

As women age, it is common for them to experience diffused thinning of the hair. This kind of hair loss can be caused by a combination of genetics, the effects of hormones and simply getting older.

As you get older your hair follicles become increasingly smaller, and hair becomes finer with each growth cycle. Unlike men, who normally hair in distinct areas around the top of their head or temples from male pattern hair loss, women are more likely to see signs of general thinning all over their scalp.

Wendy, who has hair loss caused by thyroid issues in addition to hereditary female pattern hair loss, noted “I’d say that thyroid disease probably has about 25 percent to do with my hair being thin overall, even though I was born with thin hair and a majority of it is inherited”.

Thyroid conditions are one of a number of illnesses that can cause hair loss. These can cause temporary shedding as well as exacerbating existing hair loss conditions.

An unusual solution to thinning hairWendy Williams Suggests Using Makeup to Cover The Scalp to Make Hair Appear Fuller

When Wendy noticed that her hair was thinning, she invested in several wigs to cover her hair loss. However she also talked about a more unusual solution to covering up hair loss. Instead of donning a wig, Wendy suggested using makeup powder on the scalp in areas where hair is thinning, to hide the lack of hairs. Whilst this trick works well on camera and is often used by make up professionals within the TV and film industries, up close this can look chalky and unnatural.

Minoxidil for female hair loss

Dr. Mehmet Oz added that the medication Minoxidil can be effective in stimulating hair growth. Minoxidil is the only clinically proven androgenic alopecia hair loss treatment that can be used by both men and women.

Female Pattern Hair Loss Client - Thinning Hair Restored with Belgravia Centre Treatment Click her images to view Sue's full results and Hair Loss Success Story

This is good news if you are experiencing thinning hair, as you do not have to learn to live with it and cover it up. However, it is important to first establish the cause and stage of your hair loss before attempting to treat it. The best advice is to consult a hair loss specialist who will be able to determine the hair loss condition you are experiencing and suggest an effective treatment programme tailored to your individual needs.

Here at Belgravia we have many female clients who have experienced fantastic regrowth and managed to reverse their hair loss by using high strength minoxidil. For more information on the formulations we offer, please contact the clinic on 020 7730 6666 or send us a message.

You can find hundreds of examples in our Hair Loss Success Stories gallery which show photographs charting each patient's treatment progress alongside their reviews. One of those featured is Sue, pictured above, who said of her treatment, "I am really happy... and have far more confidence about my hair."

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