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Tiny hairs remain, is it possible to regrow my hair with treatment?

minoxidil-5-minoxidil-125-medium-small3Name: Fernando

Question: I lost part of my hair a few years ago (over 5 years) and have been told (not by a doctor) that there is no hope to grow my hair back. I have noticed though that the bald area of my head is actually covered in very very tiny hairs only visible when looking closely. Could it be possible to regrow my hair on this area with treatment?

Answer: The fine hair growth indicates that the follicles are not scarred. However, they may have shriveled to the point that it is no longer possible to improve the hair growth to a cosmetically acceptable texture. I would usually recommend a minimum period of six months using extra strength minoxidil cream along with Propecia as part of a hair loss treatment plan, which would hopefully slow the miniaturisation of the follicles and regrow some of the hair. Lack of regrowth within this period means it is unlikely that hair will grow or improve beyond its current texture. This also depends on the diagnosis, men with male pattern baldness have a better chance of regrowing hair as opposed to someone with a scarring form of hair loss.


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