Tiger Woods Jokes About Thinning Hair During Arrest

Posted by Mike Peake

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Tiger Woods’ fall from grace seems to show no signs of bottoming out but at least the former golf champion can have a laugh about his hair loss.

When the retired sportsman was arrested by police in Florida in May 2017, the world’s golfing fans mourned once again the demise of the sports’ greatest player of the past few decades.

Pictured in the press the next morning looking dishevelled and, as most newspapers put it, “puffy”, Woods claimed that an adverse reaction to medication was behind his erratic appearance when police found him asleep at the wheel of his car.

Now it has been revealed that during Woods' booking-in at the police station in Jupiter, Palm Beach, he joked about his thinning hair when one of the officers asked him to state various particulars.

'Fading' hair

After confirming his full name - Eldrick Tont Woods - his height and weight, Woods was then asked to confirm his hair and eye colours whilst standing for his mugshot photo. Answering hazily, Tiger Woods responded: "mostly brown and fading... and brown", jokingly referencing his male pattern baldnessContinues below video...

Recent pictures and video footage show Woods to be displaying classic and undeniable signs of male pattern hair loss. General hair thinning along the top of the scalp - the area, along with the hairline, that is affected by male pattern baldness - is the most obvious sign, although thinning edges - the start of a receding hairline - also appears to be an issue.

This is something the 41 year old has made light of many times during interviews over the past few years. From telling reporters in August 2014 "I’m fighting it hard. It’s a no-win fight but I’m hanging in there..." to explaining during a March 2017 TV interview how he was dealing with his thinning crown. "I’ve got my helipad up top and I’m very happy with that," he told ESPN. "I get a hat on so I don’t get sunburned on the little centre."

For Woods, if he wanted to fight and find a hair loss solution, one popular route would be to follow a specially tailored course of clinically-proven hair loss treatments. Whilst Tiger would arguably have been far better off beginning this some years ago at the very first signs of hair fall, it is often possible to see the effects of a solid treatment regime even in cases of advanced thinning. Though anyone interested in preventing baldness is generally advised to try and “nip it in the bud” as soon as possible, as long as the follicles are still active then treatments, including the MHRA licensed and FDA approved medications finasteride 1mg and minoxidil, have something to work with.

Male hair loss treatment programme tend to be formulated around these key cornerstone medications. By following a course featuring either or both the DHT-blocking, one-a-day oral tablet (finasteride 1mg) and topically-applied formulations of high strength minoxidil shedding may be stabilised and new hair growth encouraged. Further supplementary supporting products may be used as ancillaries to this pharmaceutical approach.

Comfortable, or seeking reassurance?

For Woods to be able to make self-deprecating jokes about his hair loss, it suggests that he is either comfortable with it or that he is doing what people often do when they feel they have a physical flaw: they draw attention to it in the hope of gaining reassurance that it “isn’t that bad.”

Men do struggle with losing their hair. They often associate a healthy and full head of hair with their youth, and many men feel that when hairloss starts it is a sign that they are growing old. However, this is a misconception that is becoming ever more true due to

The thing to remember is that genetic hair thinning is not a sign of ageing it’s simply a question of bad luck. Your DNA has pre-selected you for hairloss, and it can happen when you’re 20 or when you’re 70 while your brother or father may never be affected at all. Men certainly don’t have to take this on the chin, however, and early intervention in cases of male pattern hair loss frequently leads to fuller heads of hair.
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Posted by Mike Peake

In this article: Hair Loss | Male Hair Loss

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