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Tiger Woods’ Hair Loss Attention Brings in $1 Million for Charity


Tiger Woods held a charity poker event last weekend to raise funds for his charitable foundation. Whilst the celebrity participants were meant to increase exposure of the ‘Tiger Jam’, it was the golfer’s hair loss that got the most coverage, leading to over $1,000,000 in donations and auction bids.

All Eyes Were on Tiger Woods Hair Loss at his Charity Poker Tournament in Las Vegas

All Eyes Were on Tiger Woods Hair Loss at the Golfer’s Charity Poker Tournament in Las Vegas, Pictured here with Mark Cuban

‘Still a sexy guy’

The Daily Mail reported how, despite the 39 year old golf pro being joined by the likes of Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, Kid Rock and a host of World Series Poker stars, all eyes were on Tiger’s hairline.

Having left his signature cap at home, onlookers at the fundraising tournament commented on the millionaire sportsman’s thinning hair. The Mail further described him as having a ‘bald patch’.

It doesn’t look like he has that much hair left. But he’s still a sexy guy” said 24 year old Karen Hastings who attended the tournament. Adding, “It’s a shame as he’s not even 40 yet. But he’s definitely a looker with or without hair”.

As the tournament got underway, the attention generated by Tiger’s hair loss – bolstered by a live Twitter feed and real-time social media updates from spectators – helped draw international attention to the Tiger Woods Foundation, even if it was on the back of what some men might consider a rather embarrassing and personal issue.

Playing away

Eliza Robinson, a 25 year old spectator at Woods’ charity event, which took place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, also spoke out about his hair loss. Referring to Tiger Woods’ latest romantic troubles – he recently split from girlfriend Lindsey Vonn after allegedly confessing to further infidelity whilst on tour, she told the Mail:

I am surprised at how much his hair has disappeared. But he has been through a lot these past few weeks and he would probably like to party like there was no tomorrow but he’s got to be measured and calm because everywhere he goes he is watched.

Although Tiger is maintaining a poker face both on and off the course, stress is a known accelerator of Male Pattern Baldness so if the rumours about his love life are true, this could well have exacerbated his genetic hair loss.

Professional help

Belgravia MinoxidilTiger has spoken openly about his fight to stop his receding hairline, previously saying “I have a nice skylight and if I don’t wear a hat I can feel the heat..I’m fighting it hard. It’s a no-win fight but I’m hanging in there.

However, the fact that his hair loss appears to be getting worse suggests that he may not be using either of the two MHRA and FDA licensed hair loss treatments, clinically-proven to combat androgenic alopecia.

If Tiger wants to stop further thinning and get his hairline back into the rough, he should speak to a hair loss specialist. They can help him to fight his corner by recommending a medically-proven course of male hair loss treatment tailored to Woods’ requirements and designed to fit in with his busy lifestyle.

Whichever way Tiger Woods decides to deal with his hair loss, it sounds like he’ll have no shortage of female attention – or fundraising star power – either way.

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