Thymus Peptides: The Next Big Thing in Hair Loss Treatment?

Thymus Peptides for Hair Loss The Belgravia Centre

Research into hair loss conditions continues to yield exciting developments that offer new hope to men and women across the world. The latest development, published in the Journal of Plastic Dermatology provides another avenue of investigation for the creation of new treatments.

This time, researchers have discovered the hair restoring properties of ‘thymus peptides’. These chemicals can be synthetically created and added to topical lotions or shampoo for use on the scalp.

Thymus peptides effective for multiple hair loss conditions

The research paper, ‘Multicentric study of the effects of topical lotion and shampoo containing synthetic thymus peptides on androgenetic alopecia and chronic telogen effluvium in women and men’, outlines several observations, including the effectiveness of thymus peptides in reversing hair loss caused by multiple conditions.

Telogen Effluvium and Androgenic Alopecia account for almost all hair loss in men and women, so the discovery of a potential treatment for both is particularly exciting.

366 people were selected for the experiment: 129 men and 237 women, each of whom were losing hair as a result of Androgenic Alopecia (Pattern Baldness) or Telogen Effluvium. Researchers found that 89% of the men and 95% of the women who used a shampoo containing synthetic thymus peptide serum experienced hair regrowth.

Easy to use, side effect free

Synthetic peptides are relatively simple to manufacture and can be added to all manner of shampoos and serums. This makes them a particularly attractive option for men and women who desire hair loss treatment.

The research team also recorded no side effects of the treatment in any of their test subjects. This high success rate, coupled with an apparent lack of side effects offers hope to those experiencing hair loss and who may be unable to use other treatments.

Some way off

Obviously the research is only in the preliminary stages, with marketable treatments some way off. Moreover, extensive testing will be required before thymus peptides achieve regulatory approval, freeing them for use in hair loss treatment plans. In the meantime, the best way to treat hair loss is to consult an expert who can diagnose the individual's condition and prescribe an holistic hair loss treatment plan with continuous monitoring for the best results.

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