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Three Celebrities Who Treated Baldness Differently

If the thought of losing your hair seems somewhat unfair, you may find small respite in knowing that another seven out of ten of your friends will be heading down the same path and they probably have the same enthusiasm about the prospect as you. Some will probably accept their hair loss and take it in their stride, some might shave their heads to get in early and cheat baldness and some might look to hair loss treatments to keep a receding hairline in check. Let’s take a look at three male celebrity examples who have each taken a different route to deal with their hair loss…

Evan HandlerEvan Handler

Most men lose their hair to male pattern baldness but it’s likely that few would know that Sex and the City’s Harry Goldenblatt actually lost his hair when he was 24 years-old during a battle with a deadly form of leukaemia.

There are some cancer treatments, like chemotherapy, that can cause temporary hair loss. There’s a high chance of hair growth after treatment but occasionally some aren’t so lucky. Temporary hair loss like that caused by cancer treatments can also trigger male pattern baldness in those who would have eventually encountered it somewhere down the line. Hair loss treatments may be able to help in such cases but the Californication star, who used to wear wigs, eventually came to accept his new appearance.

“I hoped my hair would grow back for a long time, but when it became clear that it would not, I shaved off whatever grew there,” he said. “I am now known for the way that I look.”

Handler is now completely bald and cancer-free, and surely when you’re fighting for your life you come out of it realising that hair loss isn’t the end of the world.

Billy ZaneBilly Zane

Now, if this Titanic star thinks for a minute that we’re fooled into believing he shaves his head for aerodynamic reasons he’s sadly mistaken.

Zane may be an avid swimmer, but when he started shaving his head in 1997, he appeared to be a classic example of a man trying to cheat baldness rather than one who was simply passionate about his hobby. He still sometime wears a wig for certain roles but out of character he usually sports a very commanding bald look. And it suits him.

Wayne Rooney

Wayne RooneyPerhaps the most publicised celeb to have taken up the use of Propecia is Manchester United’s striker. Wayne Rooney’s hair loss made headlines so it’s no wonder he felt insecure about his receding hairline.

The 23 year-old is not alone however, in fact hair loss is becoming increasingly common among younger men. Many feel the same hesitation about losing their hair and a lot of them turn to hair loss treatments, like Propecia, to stabilise and reverse the effects.

We can see in the papers and on TV that Rooney’s hair problem is well under control and there are many similar success stories like his that you may not hear about, as more people are now beginning to realise that there are clinically proven hair loss treatments that can help them out.

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