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Thinning Hair and Baldness Since Stopping Saw Palmetto’


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Name: Karan

Question: I’m having hair fall like 30 hair im losing a day i feel hair are thinning and there’s some areas on scalp which is shiny i used to take a year ago saw pamletto and horsetail extracts it was fine before once I stopped things are changed now what should i do? and when i do hair parting i see small hair coming out , is those hair are new which had fall out ?? I am in India.

Saw PalmettoAnswer: Hi, Karan. This sounds like a classic case of Male Pattern Hair Loss, however, it is normal to lose up to around 100 hairs per day so 30 is nothing to worry about.

With regard losing hair when you comb or brush your parting, this could simply be that you notice your hair shedding more at that time as you are more focused on it at that time. People often tend to believe they lose more hair when they brush or wash their hair, however generally your hair will shed throughout the day but, as you are not concentrating on it as much as when you are doing your hair or are in the shower, this hair fall is less noticeable. Also, you are actively moving the hair around as you style or wash it so it is more likely any hairs that have shed but have not yet fallen from the head will disperse then.

Thinning hair caused by male hair loss is the result of the hormone by-product DHT attacking hair follicles around the top of the scalp in those with a genetic predisposition. As the DHT binds to the follicles, it gradually weakens them which leads to the miniaturisation process that displays as thinning and hair loss.

Saw Palmetto is thought to be a natural DHT inhibitor, however, whilst it can be beneficial  it should not be considered a hair loss treatment. It is usually used as a booster, taken in dietary supplement form, to enhance the effects of clinically-proven regrowth plan components such as the one-a-day oral tablet finasteride 1mg and topical applications of high strentgth minoxidil.

If you believe the saw palmetto was of benefit then, by all means, do continue to take it – assuming you are suitable for this product. In order to regrow thinning hair, it is worth considering a comprehensive male hair loss treatment course although we recommend you visit a hair loss specialist first. This is particularly important in your case as you mention ‘shiny’ areas.

When the scalp skin becomes smooth and shiny this can be an indication that the hair follicles have died and those areas are now truly bald, meaning hair loss treatment will no longer work. If there are even small hairs still visible and the follicles are still active, there is a chance they can be stimulated back into action, and this should be able to be established during a professional assessment.

Unfortunately we are unable to send our products to India but if you visit a local specialist or dermatologist they should be able to help you. You can ask them about the treatments we have mentioned here.

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