‘Thinning Hair and Bald Patches After Leaving Dye on Overnight’

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Name: Pretty

Question: I applied hair dye and slept with it overnight, now I have patches where the scalp is almost bald and shiny and very thin hair grows on the patches. Will my hair ever grow back to normal? What can I use to treat my follicles?? It's been more than an year now

Answer: Hi, Pretty. We would need a little more information in order to correctly answer your query. For instance, you have not mentioned how your scalp reacted at the time when you slept with the hair dye on overnight.

Patches of hair loss can present when the follicles are damaged - which can occur as a result of chemical burns from hair dye or bleach - but, there would have been sores or scabs initially.

Follicle damage happens as the scalp heals; the resulting hair loss is known as Chemical Trauma.

If the scalp has been scarred, this may result in permanent bald patches, however, if the hair follicles are still capable of producing hair and you have no medical contraindications, an appropriate course of hair loss treatment may help to encourage regrowth.

Supplementary hair growth supporting products may also be recommended to ensure the hair you do have, and any regrowth, is in the best possible condition.

However, your bald patches may be due to another type of hair loss depending on the location of the hair thinning.

I highly recommend having a consultation with a reputable specialist at a dedicated hair loss clinic so that your condition - or conditions, as it is possible for more than one to be present at the same time - can be professionally diagnosed.

The extent of any damage to the follicles can also be assessed and, where appropriate, suitable recommendations for hair loss solutions can then be made based on their findings and your medical profile.

Given your specific situation, we would recommend having an in-person consultation so that your scalp can be properly observed. If this is not possible and you wish to have an online consultation, please read our guide to taking photos of hair loss so that you can include as many of these as you need to before submitting your form. This will assist greatly in getting the most accurate diagnosis and advice.

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