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The Veronicas Lisa Origliasso’s Hair Loss Scare


Veronicas Lisa Origliasso's long dark hair almost went up in flamesThe Veronicas twin Lisa Origliasso had a close call with some sparks that almost had her hair catch fire and could have left her with severe burns and permanent hair loss at the Australian music festival Big Day Out.

“She was fine, but it really got her adrenalin going,” a witness told The Daily Telegraph.

“Those kind of sparks were how Michael Jackson’s hair caught on fire. It was quite serious.”

Michael Jackson was left with a bald patch following a Pepsi commercial shoot in 1984, when the late king of pop suffered second-degree burns to his scalp after pyrotechnics got out of control.

Lisa, the dark-haired half of the electro-pop band The Veronicas, was riding the dodgem cars at celebrations to mark the 100th Big Day Out show when she encountered the wayward sparks that could have resulted in a similar outcome.

Hair loss treatment for scarring types of alopecia is limited. If the Untouched singer’ hair fell out due to stress or genetics hair growth could be stimulated with a combination of clinically proven products and lifestyle adjustments. However, if the follicles are dead there is little that can be done without surgery.

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