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The UK’s Leaders in Hair Loss Prevention

The Belgravia CentreIt’s not about location and it certainly isn’t luck or coincidence that makes a hair clinic so successful. The Belgravia Hair Loss Centre continues its strong growth as the UK’s leading hair loss specialists because no other hair loss organisation comes anywhere near to the high success rate we achieve in combating hair loss.

Thanks to the expert advice and individual recommendation provided by Belgravia’s medically trained hair loss specialists, there are an ever-growing number of thrilled men and women who have successfully treated their condition. Each person’s hair loss success story is unique but equally remarkable.

Still, there is a great deal of warranted scepticism that clouds the hair loss industry which is why some people decide to just let nature take its course. Hair loss is a treatable condition but it’s unfortunate that so many bogus products are able to lure people in with fancy and exaggerated marketing ploys. Men and women have paid exorbitant sums of money for untried and untested products that have been completely worthless. Many feel that they have been cheated and ripped off – and once bitten twice shy.

There are many reasons why The Belgravia Centre has become the “trusted” organisation in hair loss but perhaps the most important is that we specialise exclusively in FDA (Food and Drug Administration) clinically approved prescription products.  We wish to make it explicitly clear that there are only two medications – Propecia and minoxidil – and one product – the HairMax Laser Comb – that have been medically and scientifically proven to offer results in both stabilising and reversing hair loss and these are what Belgravia’s tailored hair loss treatment courses are built upon.

Belgravia PharmacyThe Belgravia Centre operates the only in-house pharmacy in the UK specialising in prescription treatments for hair loss. The pharmacy is licensed by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and run by a registered pharmacist and her assistants. More than fifty highly trained staff are employed by the centre and a full time doctor and a team of hair experts are there to help and advise both men and women who suffer with hair loss.

The Belgravia Centre honours each person’s liberty which is why unlike most hair clinics, we provide the information and opportunity needed for you to make your own decision about hair loss. By offering the very best value with no commitment, you’re able to see a hair loss specialist for no cost and then it’s your choice if you’d like to go ahead with your recommended course. You can start if and when you want and finish when you want, and have the option to pay for a course in advance to receive a free HairMax LaserComb, or simply pay as you go. It’s all about awareness and catering to each person’s needs.

On the first Sunday of every month, The Belgravia Centre hosts an Open Day to help people understand the causes of hair loss. You can come along at your leisure and enjoy a glass of wine and refreshments whilst finding out how and why a small number of treatments work for the great majority of hair loss sufferers and, just as importantly, why most hair loss products have little or no effect.

Belgravia Centre EntranceAlternatively you could arrange a meeting and examination with a hair expert by private appointment (the centre is open seven days a week), or accept a free hair loss diagnosis online and a mail-order treatment course without the need to ever come into the London centre.

Belgravia’s unique treatment courses for hair loss have helped change the lives of many thousands of men and women all over the world. Contact us now to find out how we can help you and discover for yourself why we are the UK’s leading hair loss clinic.

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