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The Top 10 Hair Loss Stories of 2009


As the ‘Top Ten’ and ‘Best of’ lists for the year begin to emerge, the Belgravia Centre team thought there were enough interesting, amusing and – dare we say – monumental events this year that constituted another type of list. So, in no particular order, we present the Top Ten Hair Loss Stories of 2009.

1. Hair Loss More Common in Young Men Than Ever
A survey undertaken by the Belgravia Centre found that hair loss is becoming increasingly common in younger men. Statistics revealed an exponential rise in the number of men aged 21 – 30 who were seeking advice and treatment. Patient numbers thereafter gradually decline with age.

Hair Loss More Common in Young Men Than Ever

Michael Jackson2. Michael Jackson
Perhaps the biggest event of the year was the untimely death of global superstar Michael Jackson. Following his death, there were stories that surfaced, speculating whether or not the king of pop ever recovered from the burns he suffered during a Pepsi commercial shoot. Judging by the number of comments sent in to the blog, Michael will be loved by his fans for years to come.

Was Michael Jackson Bald and Wearing a Wig?
Michael Jackson’s Hair Loss – What Happened to his Bald Spot?

3. Stem Cell Treatment
With unfailing determination, science has continued to research for a sure-fire cure for baldness and hair loss. There were some significant discoveries that were made, which one day may solve the genetic problem that men and women have faced since the beginning of time.

Stem Cell Hair Loss Treatment in the Making
Gene Linked to Early Hair Loss in Men and Women

4. Andre Agassi
The most famous barnet in sport turned out to be a hairpiece. The tennis legend that is Andre Agassi published his autobiography and revealed a number of interesting facts. Perhaps the one that has received the most public attention was the fact that he was suffering from hair loss in his early twenties and his long mane was infact part-hairpiece.

Andre Agassi Wore Wig to Hide Baldness
Andre Agassi Talks About Hair Loss on TV

5. Botox
Although the fake cosmetic surgery look is beginning to wane, botox is still a popular way of eliminating wrinkles and has even been reported to prevent hair loss. But can baldness really be beaten in your lunch hour with a few injections of this toxin?

Botox Claimed to Prevent Baldness

6. Prince William
There have been a number of reports over this year and last concerned with Prince William’s receding hairline and thinning hair. There was speculation that the Royal looked into hair loss treatments, but it would appear those rumours were false.

Prince William’s Hair Loss in Focus During Charity Event
Ginger Harry vs Balding William

7. Wayne Rooney
Even Manchester United’s finest footballer, Wayne Rooney, seems to suffer from the common condition that is male pattern baldness. There were a number of rumours this year that suggested ways the striker may have contained his receding hairline that appeared to once be out of control.

Hair Loss Strikes Wayne Rooney
Did Wayne Rooney Have a Hair Transplant?

Tape-In Hair Extensions8. Sarah Palin’s Thinning Hair
Sarah Palin, the American Republican who ran for Vice President in 2008, apparently suffered from stress-related hair thinning this year. Her hairdresser, Jessica Steele, supposedly leaked the information. Hair loss in women is not uncommon, and it can be influenced by many factors, such as stress, genetics and menopause.

Sarah Palin’s Thinning Hair

9. Natural Hair Growth Institute, Sued
The hair loss industry has suffered from some dubious businesses that make unfounded and exagerated claims. But this time the consumers fought back. The Natural Hair Growth Institute, which guarantees to “regrow your hair naturally” is being sued after failing to provide refunds to unhappy customers.

Natural Hair Growth Institute Sued

10. Big Brother’s Sophie Hair Extension Horror
The winner of Big Brother 2009, Sophie Reade, walked off with £71,320 and a smile on her face. But things were not always plain-sailing in the Big Brother house for the 20-year-old model. At one point her hair extensions fell out revealing bald patches and thinning hair, a problem not uncommon for women who wear them but one that can be fixed.

Big Brother’s Sophie Suffers Hair Loss

The Belgravia Centre is looking forward to covering all the latest hair loss news and stories in 2010. If you are interested in finding out more about hair loss treatments, why not contact the centre for a free consultation with one of Belgravia’s specialists. Appointments are free-of-charge and available 7 days a week. To book, just call the friendly reception team on 020 7730 6666 or message the centre. If you are unable to visit the centre, just complete the online diagnostic form for a home-use treatment course via mail order.

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