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The Telegraph: “Baldness Is No Longer An Option”

Joe Biden's "Obvious" Hair TransplantRecently The Telegraph ran a column that made light of American Vice-President Joe Biden’s hairline, or rather the restoration of it. Andrew M Brown wrote that “it is harder to take somebody seriously if they have an obvious or incompetent hair transplant”, but despite the note of mockery throughout his article which concludes that in today’s society “baldness is no longer an option”, he failed to acknowledge any alternatives to “bad” surgery. Medically licensed hair loss treatments are proven to be the most effective solution to maintaining a natural hairline or helping it to grow back, and they’re also more popular than surgical solutions.

The article generated a lot of feedback, but like Annette commented, “A little vanity is part of human nature”. Since the beginning of time, baldness has been an issue for society and there have always been suggestions of natural “cures” for hair loss. However, there was no effective way of re-growing scalp hair until hair transplantation became widely available in the 1930s, and then there were some arguable issues with the aesthetics of the op, which is still commonly referred to as “hair plugs”. Although with technical advances, results these days are much more realistic than ever. But still, surgery can’t address the real problem of genetics, and there will always be a chance that the transplanted hair could thin out again.

“Vanity, better to have brains than worry whether you have hair or not,” was walker9’s response to Annette’s comment of The Telegraph‘s story. “Probably both are missing.” But about 30 years ago, science made a medical breakthrough that would prove to help at least one of those problems. Propecia and minoxidil were discovered, by accident really, to stablise hair loss and generate regrowth and after years of clinical trials and stringent testing procedures, both products were separately approved by the FDA as effective treatments for hair loss and are today licensed by the MHRA for that purpose.

Will Young uses medical hair loss treatments to maintain his hairlineAs medical treatments for hair loss become more widely known, their popularity seems to be increasing. In 2008, the number of non-surgical hair loss treatment patients was more than double that of surgical patients, according the statistics from the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. There are a growing number of hair loss success stories as a result of medical treatment and even the next generation of celebrities is opting for the alternative to their forefather’s solution – Will Young and Wayne Rooney openly admit they find the treatments work for them.

Referring to Joe Biden’s “obviously contrived hair arrangement”, the author of the article in The Telegraph writes “Americans worry much less about these things than we British: they’re less inclined to mock”. But Andrew M Brown might have got it wrong. With scientifically proven and medically licensed treatments for hair loss, baldness is possibly more of an option today, as opposed to an irrepressible destiny for some, than ever before.

For information about how to get the most out of hair loss treatments, you should consult a medically trained specialist. If you’re concerned about your hairline, contact the The Belgravia Centre on 020 7730 6666. The UK’s leading hair loss clinic also provides an online diagnostic form which allows anyone in the world to access their advice and treatment programmes which are specifically tailored to suit each and every individual.

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