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Is Stimuhair a Scam?


A note about the following question and answer: This is a perfect example of the unfortunate truth about a large segment of the hair loss industry in the UK (and probably the rest of the world). We have encountered a prime example on the internet of the fraudulent tactics so frequently used to sell a product marketed for hair loss prevention.

Name: Albert

Question: Hi, has anyone ever heard of Stimuhair? I read about it on healthwatch.info. Is the site genuine or is it a promotional site for Stimuhair?

Stimuhair ScamAnswer: Stimuhair is the product being promoted on healthwatch.info. After carrying out some research, I have found that healthwatch.info (the website in question), herbalmagician.com (the website selling the product) and stimuhair.com (the website of the product itself) are all registered to the same person. I found this out by searching whois.net. No surprise to me after reading the website’s message, which is mostly fabricated or exaggerated.

The website talks about minoxidil, saying it doesn’t work for hair regrowth and side effects are high. All of the information about minoxidil is vastly exaggerated or simply untrue – you can find legitimate and accurate information about minoxidil on our MINOXIDIL page. It’s the only proven hair loss treatment for men and women and is FDA approved following extensive and recognised clinical trials, with a very low rate of mild side effects.

There are also a number of other comments throughout the passage aimed at turning people off other products and services for hair loss, that eventually lead to the promotion of their own product.

Stimuhair is an unproven product and the website’s approach to selling their product is highly unethical as I’m sure is clear to most from reading the information provided. I’d say Stimuhair’s approach epitomises the term ‘hard-sell’ and is something that any hair loss sufferer needs to be aware of when searching for a hair loss solution.

For information on the treatments that work you can visit our HAIR LOSS TREATMENTS page.

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