fbpx The Oscars 2014 – Hairlines of the Hollywood Elite
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The Oscars 2014 – Hairlines of the Hollywood Elite


John Travolta Oscar's 2014 HairlineThe stars who received the most public attention in this year’s Oscar’s were not any of the award winners, but the group of A-listers featured in Bradley Cooper’s ‘selfie’, which quickly received more social media shares than any other photograph in history. In this article, we feature some of the legendary Hollywood stars omitted from Cooper’s photo – and of course, we’ll be paying particular attention to their hairlines!

John Travolta

Graduating from dancing sex symbol in the 1970s, Travolta is now well-known for playing snarling bad guys in blockbusters. Travolta was present to introduce a performance of ‘Let It Go’ at the ceremony.

Travolta, who turned 60 last month, appeared to be sporting an incredible head of hair – particularly impressive as he has been going bald for many years. John has been known to wear hairpieces and hair weaves in the past, so it is possible that the hair is not all his. Or he may have undergone some form of hair loss treatment in the recent past with some very positive results.

Harrison Ford

Having played everything from a renegade starship captain to the President of the United States, Harrison Ford has had a long and varied acting career. Ford was responsible for introducing three of the movies nominated for the Best Picture Oscar.

Now 71, Ford is showing clear signs of Male Pattern Baldness, with a receding hairline and patchy hair loss across the top of his head. The amount of hair he has retained is quite impressive, and suggests that he too may have benefited from professional hair loss treatment at some point in the past.

Robert De Niro

An Oscar-winning actor and director, De Niro initially made a name for himself playing Italian-American hard men. He has since moved on to more varied roles in comedy, action thrillers and dramas. De Niro was on hand to present John Ridley with his award for Best Adapted Screenplay (for 12 Years a Slave).

Also 71, De Niro is also in possession of an impressive head of hair. He is showing some signs of crown vertex hair loss, suggesting he is in the early stages of balding.

Sydney Poitier

In 1963, Sydney Poitier became the first ever black actor to win an Oscar for his role in Lilies of the Field, and the American Film Institute considers him one of the finest actors of his generation. Today, Poitier is the Ambassador for the Bahamas to Japan. He was at the 2014 awards ceremony to present Alfonso Cuaron with the Oscar for Best Director (for Gravity).

Now 87, Poitier has clearly lost hair around his temples, creating a clear receding hairline as may be expected of a man of his age. He does not however appear to have lost any at the top of his head, suggesting that he has a very slow progressing case of Male Pattern Baldness. There is little evidence to indicate Poitier has taken any action to slow or prevent his hair loss.

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