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The Mystery of Engelbert Humperdinck’s Impressive Hair


Engelbert Humperdinck The Belgravia CentrePhotographed earlier this month as he strolled near his Los Angeles home with his wife, Engelbert Humperdinck looked every one of his 75 years of age. Yet despite being heavily wrinkled and somewhat portly, the Eurovision hopeful still sports an impressively full head of hair.

Around three-quarters of men the same age as Engelbert Humperdinck will have experienced some form of hair loss, yet despite his hairline receding a little at the temples, his hair is still growing strong on the rest of his head. So impressive is Humperdinck’s hair retention that many media watchers have long debated what the secret to his hairline success might be.

Does ‘The Hump’ wear a rug?

The lustrous, bouffant hair worn by Humperdinck during much of his career has occasionally come under suspicion of being some form of hairpiece, but to date there is little evidence to confirm this theory. The fact that Engelbert has managed to retain the same unnaturally black colour for 50 years has done nothing to dispel the rumours of a hairpiece.

To his credit, Humperdinck openly admits that he has been dyeing his hair for the past half-century since first noticing grey hair at the age of 25. The receding hair around his temples would suggest that Engelbert’s hair is either real, or he has one of the most sophisticated wigs we have ever seen.

Is there another possibility?

Engelbert Humperdinck could be one of the minority of men who do not experience any significant hair loss as they age, thereby ending any speculation. It is however perfectly possible that Engelbert has sought hair loss advice prior to it becoming noticeable.

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Help for hair loss

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