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The Latest Hair Loss Treatment is – Tattooing?

You’ve heard of tattooed lip-liner, eye-liner and even eyebrows – but actual scalp hair? According to Ian Watson, by tattooing your scalp in certain places you can greatly reduce the visible effects of male pattern baldness.

Scalp Tattooing - How Effective is it in Hiding Hair Loss?" Birmingham-based Watson says he replaces barren hair follicles with tattoo ink so that the bald patches disappear. The technique employed is micro pigmentation, where the skin is imprinted with ink to hide bald areas. It is categorically known as “cosmetic camouflage”.

“My confidence was severely affected as a result of my hair loss,” Watson said, “[So] I developed a unique cosmetic camouflage technique following an inspirational idea.”

A computer is used to design the unique imprint on the skin, and is also used in the final imprinting to ensure accuracy and less pain. It’s said that what will result would be a new “head of hair”.

Watson said the tattoo treatment, which costs between £500 and £1,500, can been used to treat people not only with male pattern baldness but also people who suffer from all types of hair loss as well as people who have scars after having had hair transplants.

However, the tattoo treatment is not ideal for everyone. While it may “camouflage” a few bald patches, it won’t prevent further hair loss and it certainly wouldn’t do for someone with longer hair. The tattooing treatment will give you the freshly shaven look, but clinically proven hair loss treatments work to stop the balding process and stimulate the renewed growth of your own hair.

Hair Loss Treatment Before After

Results achieved by men using clinically proven medications and hair growth boosters for male hair loss

Specialists recommend that these licensed medical treatments should be tried first, before resorting to hair transplants and tattooing to treat hair loss. If you can grow back your hair using proven hair loss treatment medication why bother with the pain and artificiality of tattooing? There are many hair loss success stories that show hair loss is not an untreatable condition. Thinning hair and baldness can be prevented and stabilised with the right treatment, and renewed hair growth generated.

Studies have proven Propecia and minoxidil to be the most effective medications available to prevent hair loss and generate hair growth but when combined and administered at the right quantity for an individual, results prove even more beneficial. The effectiveness of the medication is vastly aided with the use of hair growth boosters and some reputable hair loss centres will have photo-scan monitoring technology to track your progress. Hair loss treatment is not an overnight solution but this technology will allow you to be able to compare shots and see the results taking place for yourself.

For more information on the most effective hair loss treatment solutions for your individual hair loss, contact The Belgravia Centre on 020 7730 6666 to arrange a free hair loss assessment or fill in the online diagnostic form to receive expert trichological advice from anywhere in the world and find out your options.

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9th February, 2010 at 7:23 pm

Bald Man

I saw one of these HIS tattoo jobs up close, looks like crap, rteally fake. I will stay bald, thank you.

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