The importance of check-ups

Belgravia Centre Check-Up

Here at The Belgravia Centre, we are passionate about providing truly effective treatment for those experiencing symptoms of hair loss. As such, we devote all of our time and effort to providing the best possible treatments for the wide variety of hair loss conditions experienced by our patients.

Although there are many over the counter remedies or alternative therapies available on the market for hair loss, The Belgravia Centre’s bespoke hair loss treatment programmes offer a number of additional benefits. Our courses of treatment are tailored to the individual needs of the user, and our service doesn’t stop once we have provided you with medication, Hair Growth Boosters, or one of our other available therapies. One of the more important parts of Belgravia’s process is our check-up system our hair loss experts will monitor your hair growth progress, and provide additional advice and support, as often as you need it.

Always there to advise

All of our patients are advised to attend regular check-ups at our central London clinic - firstly to keep track of their regrowth, but also to give them an opportunity to discuss how things have been progressing one of our knowledgeable experts. Generally, we advise that these check-up sessions take place on a quarterly basis, but we believe that convenience is of paramount importance, and our patients are therefore able to book an appointment as frequently as they need to. If they are unable to visit the centre in person, patients are also welcome to contact one of our advisors by phone or email.

A host of advantages

Having our experts on hand whenever you feel the need for some support is great for peace of mind if you should experience any difficulties with your treatment, you have a professional available to offer help and advice, and adjust your treatment plan if necessary. In addition to this superior level of support, coming into the clinic will allow you to make use of our photographic regrowth-tracking system. Not only will the images help you to see the difference that The Belgravia Centre’s bespoke regimen is making on your hairline, but also creates a record that can, with your permission, be used in our archive of hair loss success stories, to encourage others to seek treatment and beat their own hair loss symptoms too!

Don’t hestitate

If you are experiencing a hair loss condition, or are concerned about your rate of hair loss or growth, contact us today. You can call us on 0800 077 6666, or complete our online contact form to book a free, no obligation consultation, where you can meet some of our team of experts and work with them to develop a personalized treatment programme based on your symptoms and circumstances. Alternatively, you can fill in our online diagnostic form, to have your symptoms assessed by one of our experts remotely, and enable us to post you a home use treatment course. Regardless of whether you visit the clinic or not, you can be assured of getting the same care and attention from our dedicated staff.

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