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The George W. Bush Bald Treatment


George W. Bush has a thing for bald headsFormer President George W. Bush never really had a way with words but who would have thought his body language could be misconstrued as well. The Bush may be already forgotten in the new-paved success of President Barrack Obama, but if there’s one thing he’ll always be remembered for – aside from the Iraq war – it’s his apparent love for bald heads.

There are numerous snaps of George Bush with his hand atop a bald head. He’d pat a child’s short shaven head and stroke an aging man’s bald pate and it seemed that he never met bald head he didn’t like, except perhaps BBC political editor Nick Robinson.

In 2007, a balding Robinson asked the then President if he could trust Gordon Brown not to “cut and run” from Iraq. Bush replied dismissively, “Are you still hanging around?” The two had crossed swords once before when Robinson asked if he was in “denial” about the Iraq war and Bush wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity to take a stab. “You’d better cover up your bald head, it’s getting hot out,” he later told the journalist.

George W. Bush gives his blessings to hair loss suffererIt’s typical for men to poke a bit of fun at their mates who are receding or thinning, but Bush took it to the next level. He would make an effort to rub the heads of any bald man that came within five feet of him and those men are now captured in time with perhaps the most abhorred American president of all time making light of their hair loss. Amusing maybe, but some men are very sensitive about their lack of hair. Male pattern baldness, the most prevalent type of hair loss which affects roughly 8 in 10 men, is the result of a genetic tendency.

Stress, however, is known to play a part in hair loss and greying of the hair. Even within the first 100 days of Obama’s reign, the popular President was looking noticeably distinguished. But hair loss was never a concern for Bush during his disastrous presidency and he clearly preferred it that way. Despite Bush’s evident fascination with the hairless look, he made sure that people knew he was aware that the grass is always greener on the other side and that the bald look definitely wasn’t for him.

When speaking about his admiration for former Australian Prime Minister John Howard, Bush couldn’t help but stick one of his funnies in the speech, saying: “Somebody said, ‘You and John Howard appear to be so close, don’t you have any differences?’ And I said ‘Yes, he doesn’t have any hair’.” If that wasn’t enough to make the poor man blush, Bush drove the knife even deeper, saying he’s not “the prettiest person on the block”.

George W. Bush with balding troopsThen again, that’s the opinion of the man who said “In terms of the economy, look, I inherited a recession, I am ending on a recession.” Bald is beautiful but a receding hairline, inherited or otherwise, can be addressed if one so desires.

Unlike the Bush government, some people do have effective solutions to pertinent problems and when it comes to hair loss, the Belgravia Centre has the majority of votes. Call 020 7730 6666 or send an email to find out more about hair loss and what can be done. Alternatively, fill in the online diagnostic form for world-wide access to expert advice and the most effective treatments for hair loss.

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