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The Cost of Hair Growth

When you first realise your hair growth is not what it used to be, that your hair is thinning, it might be an awful realisation but the day you enter full blown panic is still to come. There’s still time. Maybe no-one else has noticed. Maybe it’s the lighting.

Hair growth illustration

So perhaps you nosey around some solutions. Ponder things a while. And, since there’s time to spare, you can afford to try some easy stuff first. Like, maybe a herbal remedy or a nutritional supplement because, as we all know, hair loss treatment costs money.

So a supply of, for instance, Procerin, at maybe £60 per month seems reasonable.

Now, I don’t know what your experience with alternative medicines is, but here’s mine. Every single time there are two elements. There’s a monthly cost for the medicine, and there’s the argument that, since it’s a natural remedy that helps your body to heal itself, it all takes time. Think maybe six months at least. And if that doesn’t work, perhaps we need to change the formula a little and try again.

I’ll give you a concrete example. I’ve always had eczema, but I eat healthily and I exercise regularly and I’m otherwise healthy. So I got to thinking that perhaps the eczema was just the external sign of something wrong that was also having other effects throughout my body that I couldn’t see. So although it was a minor thing, I should perhaps act on it and try to get my body in balance.

So asked around and found a well regarded local herbalist recommended by friends, and she concocted a herbal tincture for me and I swallowed that for a few weeks and came back for more. This went on for more than six months at at least £30 a time plus an hours drive and half an hour’s consultation, and nothing changed about my eczema whatsoever.

In the end I lost patience and went to the doc. She said, “oh, it’s ….. , look here’s its characteristic pattern” (she gave it another name I can’t remember), “use this cream”. I went to the pharmacist and they said “don’t bother with the presciption, it’s cheaper over the counter”. It cost maybe £2.45 for the cream and my eczema was completely gone in 2 days.

The point is this. First of all, I wasted a whole load of money and time on the herbal medicine when I should have just gone to the doc in the first place. Secondly, how do we know that herbalist didn’t have a hundred clients all patiently waiting for something to happen at £30 a time. Thirdly, when science knows what it’s doing, as in this cream, it absolutely nails it. When science knows the cause and knows how to stop it, it’s a beautiful thing, it’s like flicking a switch. It gives you control.

With hair loss, as you probably know by now, the FDA approved medically proven treatments for hair loss are Propecia and Minoxidil. The Belgravia Centre usually uses those in combination for the best results … for men at least (Propecia is not available for women).

But the final point is this. Neither of those official treatments work well if you’re bald. They work on hair follicles that are beginning to fade, not on ones that have ceased functioning altogether. So you’ll stand a much better chance of keeping your hair if you start proper treatment early. In that sense, spending six months relaxedly ‘testing’ a herbal hair loss product that is likely not to work actually makes your situation much worse because in that time, more hair follicles will have shut down for good.

So if you notice you have thinning hair and decide you’d rather not lose it, act early. Act today. Book a no obligation consultation with one of the Belgravia trichologists and find out exactly what your situation is and what you can do about it.

(Pic courtesy Annie Ominous on Flickr, some rights reserved)

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